Let’s face it. Millennials are the future of fashion.

For those unacquainted with the term, Millennials include all those born between the early Eighties and the 2000s. We’re a generation of people that witnessed the epic growth in technology from mobile phones to the internet.  We’re a free thinking generation that strongly believes in the concept of individualism. We’re a generation that emphasises on living life through experiences, rather than things. We’re a generation that takes pride in expressing our individuality through our choice in clothing. A generation that considers fashion to be an experience as well. In stark contrast to our predecessors, we believe that fashion is no longer a luxury. It’s an essential part of our existence. We understand the importance of spending on the ‘experience of fashion’. With our growing purchasing power, the lines between luxury and essentials is more or less blurring. As Indian Millennials, we are unique to another extent. Although we desire to become more modern in life, we like to do so while identifying with our roots or our genes.

As India transitioned into a digital age, we were exposed to a variety of trends from all over the world. On account of our exposure to global fashion, a lot of international brands too found a welcoming home in India. However, between our need to express our individuality and our love for all things Indian, unknowingly or knowingly, we paved the way for some interesting brands and clothing lines that understood our needs.

The Indo – French fashion designers Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar of Lecoanet Hemant quickly picked up on this gap in the market and introduced their daily wear clothing line under the sub- brand GENES – Lecoanet Hemant. Having spent 35 years in the business of dressing the best of the best in the global fashion world, they knew what they wanted to do next. They felt this gap early on and decided to take action to bridge the gap between the Indian and international culture by developing a new brand to cater to the same, under their already existing one.

About GENES – Lecoanet Hemant

GENES – Lecoanet Hemant was developed with the intention of catering to the International Indian by providing a line of affordable luxury that allows the wearer to achieve cultural individuality in a globalized world. With a clear understanding of the requirements of Indian Millennials, the designers focused their entire collection around three lines – Work, Play and Celebrate with each line broadly covering our needs. The aim is to re-interpret shirt dresses, skirt suits, flared pants and tailored, semi-casual suits adding a lively dimension to our wardrobe.With silhouettes that are a mix of Indian and international, GENES – Lecoanet Hemant allows the designer due to find fans for in the younger generation as well. All the clothing under the label is made in India, for India with a strong emphasis on quality and comfort. Although moderately priced between INR 2,500- 25,000/- the designers ensures that quality is never a compromise. Knowing that online shopping is the way to go for the Millennials, the brand was made available through a variety of websites such as Amazon.in, jabong.com and of course their own website –


About the latest collection

With sequinned embroidered blouses, cutwork dresses, floral shorts and appliqué separates for women; the new collection brings fresh, stylish perspective to the season. Men are close behind, with floral-tinted t-shirts, funky waistcoats, and checkered suits to look forward to. In hues of white, black and navy blue, there’s pops of olive and burnt tangerine – in styles inspired by two iconic decades – the Sixties and Seventies.

Below you can see two looks that I’ve created for separate occasions using some pieces from GENES – Lecoanet Hemant ‘s latest collection –

Look 1 – Work

Dressing for work is all about clean lines and structure. It’s about prints that are appealing but not distracting. It’s about lots of style with simple silhouettes. It’s about minimal accessories with maximum emphasis. With so much to look at, no wonder a lot of us become laid back about fashion for work. In order to overcome that attitude, GENES – Lecoanet Hemant focuses on providing us with pieces that fulfil all of these needs. In my look, I chose to combine a pair of well fitted, printed 3/4th pants with a matching semi – structured jacket. As you can see, despite being printed, the outfit is intelligently designed to be attractive without being distracting. Also, the semi – structured jacket and the white kurta shirt underneath blend comfort with professionalism with utmost ease. A simple necklace, nude pumps and a statement lipstick are all one needs to complete the look.

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 1

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 3

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 5

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 6

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 7

Leocanet Hemant - genes 4

Shop the Look

Jacket – GENES – Lecoanet Hemant

Pants – GENES – Lecoanet Hemant

Kurta Shirt – GENES – Lecoanet Hemant 

Shoes – Jabong.com

Glasses – Rosvin Bugs

Necklace – Forever 21

Makeup – M.A.C

Look 2 – Play

Even if you’re mildly acquainted with fashion, you would know by now that Athleisure is trending heavily all over the globe. It’s all about wearing athletic clothing in different settings such as work, social outings etc. This particular shirt dress was perfect to emphasise on the trend and I decided to pair it with simple accessories that further added to the character of the look.

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 8

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 9

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 10

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 11

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 12

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 13

Lecoanet Hemant - genes 14

Shop The Look

Shirt Dress – GENES – Lecoanet Hemant 

White Kurta Dress (worn inside) – GENES – Lecoanet Hemant

Sneakers – H&M India

Watch – Fossil

Backpack – Liz Claiborne (JC Penny)

Makeup – M.A.C

Lastly, I’d like to give you a little peak into the Lecoanet Hemant atelier based in Gurgaon. I had the opportunity to visit the atelier and I was definitely in awe of the wonderful working space developed by the brand.

What you see below is the image of two of the atelier’s employees hard at work on creating the embroideries for the latest collection.

Lecoanet Hemant - atelier 1

The stitching too takes place in- house.

Lecoanet Hemant - atelier 2

Having studied fashion, I can honestly say that pattern – making (as you can see below), is one of the most essential parts of creating an outfit and one of the most difficult ones as well. Getting the pattern right is, after all, the key to getting the fit of the garment right.

Lecoanet Hemant atelier 4

Such lovely working spaces are essential to creativity and the brand ensures that their team of young designers has freedom to explore their creativity at peace.

Lecoanet Hemant atelier 5

And I’m guessing they do a good job of that cause at the end of the day, they end up creating gorgeous designs and accessories such as the beautiful black tote in the image below!

Lecoanet Hemant 6

Until the next one! x