I spent all day trying to think of what I want to write about and trust me when I say this that the sheet in front of me continues to remain blank. As a blogger, some of my days are for writing from the heart and the others are simply for cultivating thought and reflecting on all that I see in my daily life. Hence, we have a personal section on the blog that caters to my soul stirring realisations that I keep wanting to share with you guys (regardless of whether you enjoy them or not). After hours and hours of staring at my laptop which finally turned into some online shopping, I realised that I have a very strong sense of personal style that makes me gravitate towards only certain items on the page and I am proud of the fact that the style sense is my own. It also made me reflect on the role our personal sense of style plays in our lives.

How I dress and how I carry myself help me to communicate the complex details of my personality to people around me. Things that I cannot say for myself. If you look at an actor/actress, the first part of the prepping for the role is to create a look – the aesthetic. It helps the viewer to understand the character better. It’s about bringing out your personality and being yourself. It’s about finding what makes your heart tick. It’s probably one of the only things I feel I can control in this volatile world.

Style is not stereotypical. Style cannot be compartmentalised. It’s a reflection of your attitude, your state of mind, of who you are and how you’re feeling. The energy that you put into putting together your outfit is what is communicated to those around you. There is a reason why corporate offices encourage sharp clothing. It communicates energy, sharpness, discipline and commitment to work, all of which passes down to your work and also expresses your abilities to clients. This is also the reason why creative offices are more relaxed on work wear norms to encourage an attitude of comfort and creativity.

Your style is an expression of your individuality, a reflection of how you choose to represent yourself to the world. So spend some time thinking about what makes you happy. What would you want to wear when you are feeling various emotions. For me, I know it’s a swipe of red lipstick that instantly uplifts my mood and communicates the same to those who meet me. It’s my style. Style isn’t just your clothing. It’s how you carry yourself, your choice of makeup and many more things. I like vintage dresses with lots of lace on them. They make me feel graceful and classy and I like to wear them when I’m trying to communicate that message to people.

So find your individuality and let it shine through. Follow your instincts and let them lead the way.

Outfit Details- 

Dress- Madison (Hauz Khas Village)

Bag – Gucci

Shoes – The Label Life

Watch and Cuff – Daniel Wellington

Picture Courtesy-

Asutosh Bansal