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I know its been a while since my last post but as I’ve explained before, I’m really struggling with some work at the moment and come September, its all about the blog. I’ll keep bombarding you all with regular posts and videos all the time!

Anyway, the constant lack of time and running around to get work done has really taken a toll on my beauty habits and booking an appointment with my beautician has become the last of my priorities. However, being a beauty and fashion blogger, I really do not like to compromise on my fashion choices just cause I missed a few appointments at the salon! I don’t think I want to NOT wear a skirt just cause I haven’t had the time to visit a salon in a while!

We’re all busy women at the end of the day. Whether we’re working or we’re at home, we hardly have the time to relax or to attend to some of our basic needs. A lot of times this means we end up growing a lot more fuzz on our body than we would essentially like. Haven’t we all been in situations where we want to wear a nice sleeveless top or a pair of sexy shorts but we can’t cause we haven’t been able to take the time out to get the fuzz removed?

Sure we’ve all tried shaving. I’ve actually been shaving myself for the last 4-5 years. It just became more convenient considering I was living in London where waxing was super expensive. I love the ease with which I can choose to wear what I want to and do a quick shave in the shower to get rid of any hair on my body. But constant shaving too can be a pain. Many a times it leaves my skin really dry and the razor cuts burn. Not to forget the ‘n’ number of small black dots (ingrown hair) that seem to have taken over my legs!

So in conclusion to my above rantings, I was on the lookout for something new, painless and as easy to use as a razor. It was at that time that I attended the Cosmopolitan Magazine and Veet event in Delhi. The goodie bag from the event was loaded with a whole bunch of Veet products and being a sucker for all beauty products, I decided to give them a shot.


First of all, I must say that they have a crazy variety of products that suit every skin type. From depilatory creams to cold wax strips for every skin type. I must mention here that I have super sensitive skin and tend to develop allergic reactions to a lot of beauty products. But I am glad to mention that I did not develop allergies of any sort post my experience. So woohoo!

Veet Depilatory Cream


The Depilatory creams are super easy to use. They come equipped with a nice spatula that makes application super easy.


They’re all infused with nice fragrances such as that of Lotus Milk and Jasmine or of Shea Butter and Lily. The best part is that you have to keep the cream on your skin for a mere 5 – 10 mins (max) after which you can remove the hair from your skin very easily with a spatula. Do ensure that you rinse off any remaining cream from your skin before calling it a day! I loved how my skin was super soft and moisturised and at the same time hair free in just 10 minutes! Plus a 60 gm bottle is good enough to be used on your entire body and you might still be left with some after usage. Considering it’s priced at INR 95 for a 60 gm tube, its definitely cheaper than my local waxing lady.

Just ensure that you have a reasonable amount of hair to remove while using the product. You cannot get rid of ingrown hair with a depilatory cream. It’s just an alternative to a lengthy waxing procedure.


Do test for allergies and thoroughly read the precautions mentioned on the box before using the product.

Veet Waxing Strips


Okay, so these are cold waxing strips and just like the depilatory creams, these too are infused with nice fragrances. However, my experience with these wasn’t as successful as that with the creams. The waxing strips need a little bit of practice so I’m hoping I’ll be better the next time around. These come in a pack of 20 strips and claim to pull out hair thats literally 1.5 mm short!

To use these, simply place a double wax strip in between your palms and rub vigorously to produce heat so as to separate the two strips. Peel them apart using the EasyGrip tab on the bottom of the strip, place one on your skin and rub several times in the direction of the growth of the hair to ensure that the wax sticks well to it.


After that, hold your skin tight and pull off the strip with the EasyGrip tab (thats the scary part for me and because of that I don’t end up pulling on the strip with as much pressure as I should). Ideally, you should have pulled out a nice amount of your hair with that. Clean your skin of any excess wax and voila! You’re now fuzz free!

As the box mentions, most women need around 12 -13 wax strips to wax their entire body. So you can easily use it once for your entire body and then another time for some left overs. Like any other waxing procedure, this too leaves your hair free for a good 4 weeks and considering its priced at INR 170 for 20 strips, I cannot emphasise more on how cost effective this method seems.

Do test for allergies and thoroughly read the precautions mentioned on the box before using the product.

What makes me the happiest about using Veet is that it’s like my personal beautician on the go. I can literally remove hair at any point of time. I could actually get rid of my hair while being in a shopping mall! It’s the right size, I can carry it with me while I’m travelling and the best part – I can do it myself!



Simply visit their website – to figure out which one of their many products would work best for you. The website also lists some useful tips for hair removal. You can find all of their products at any local pharmacy.

I’m definitely going to get some more of it. What about you?

About Veet and Reckitt Benckisser

Veet is a product of Reckitt Benckisser (RB*).

RB* is the world’s leading consumer health and hygiene company. The company has operations in over 60 countries, with headquarters in the UK, Singapore, Dubai and Amsterdam, and sales in almost 200 countries. The company employs approximately 37,000 people worldwide.

With a purpose of delivering innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes, RB is in the top 20 of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Today it is the global No 1 or No 2 in the majority of its fast-growing categories, driven by an exceptional rate of innovation. Its health, hygiene and home portfolio is led by 19 global Powerbrands of Nurofen, Strepsils Gaviscon, Mucinex, Durex, Scholl, Clearasil, Lysol, Dettol, Veet, Harpic, Bang, Mortein, Finish, Vanish, Calgon, Air Wick, Woolite and French’s. At the start of 2014, RB had 43% of its core revenues coming from its 2 emerging market Areas and 57% from its developed market Area; 72% of core revenues came from the health and hygiene categories of the portfolio.

Fuelled by a new breed of talent who blend intellectual curiosity with commitment to the highest quality standards, RB is set to redefine the world of consumer health and hygiene. RB people and its culture are at the heart of the company’s success. They have an intense drive for achievement and a desire to outperform wherever they focus, including in sustainability where the company is targeting a 1/3 reduction in water impact, 1/3 reduction in carbon and to have 1/3 of its net revenue coming from more sustainable products by 2020. It is also the Save the Children charity’s largest FMCG global partner, with a new partnership vision to radically reduce the world’s second biggest killer of under-fives, diarrhoea. Overall RB wants to reach 200 million people to improve their health and hygiene behaviour.

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