Hey guys!

Since this post is more of a style diary, I’m not going to write much here since I want you to focus on the visual bit of this one. But being me, I can’t just stop myself there. I HAVE to write just a tad bit to satisfy my heart’s desire to plaster my page with all the words brimming on the edge of my mind. The jargon up there is quite random and this page is one legit channel for me to share it with you all.

But I am not going to take undue advantage of that fact. I’d simply like to take the opportunity to talk about how lovely these outfits look. These are a part of Vajor’s Festive Imprints collection and work very well in the upcoming wedding season as well. I love how comfortably boho these outfits are and how beautifully they flow on my silhouette. The best part though? Another friend wore my outfits and although she wears a different size, she wore mine so beautifully that this was where I was convinced about Vajor’s ability to deliver.

Anyway, take a look at the images and judge for yourself!

Outfit Courtesy: Vajor

Location Courtesy: Jagat Nivas Palace and Jagat Sagar, Udaipur

Photographer: Ananya Rijhwani