I don’t like to take risks. I can’t stand to be around fake people. I hate small talk. I’d rather discuss the bigger, more important things in life with someone who is as interested in the topic as I am. Yes, I’m an introvert to the point where I meet someone like myself. I am super sensitive. I can feel everyone’s pain around me and it takes over my system as well. And no, I can’t not feel the way I do. Everyday life becomes very difficult for someone like me. It’s really a rollercoaster of emotions. But it’s not like I don’t try at all. Most people I end up meeting throughout the day are fake. But I have to push myself to get out and meet them cause I can’t afford to isolate myself from the world. I try to think of topics to talk about while conducting a series of meaningless small talk with my peers. However, in the process of making all these efforts, I really don’t know if I’m becoming a better person. I try to desensitise myself to a lot of things that happen around me. In fact, most people would believe that my extreme sensitivity is my weakness. I too believed  that for a long time. In fact, over the years, it’s become ingrained in my system to not show my emotions in most situations and to keep my feelings to myself. I find it difficult at times to react like a normal person to a situation. In fact, I’ve reached a point where hugging people is very difficult and I’m averse to human touch. Most people who have met me would probably confirm that. I feel like I have knots in my head and my stomach from all the efforts I’ve made to change myself.

But after a lifetime of keeping a check on myself, I’ve realised that I’ve been wrong all along. In a world of dwindling moral values where people think nothing of inflicting pain upon others, I’m one of the rare few who are sensitive enough to feel for another person and if I let my emotions be free, I can actually help others around me. I can tell when someone needs me and I can share their sorrows and double their joys. My sensitivity is not my weakness, its my strength. I have to work on myself to now let me be the person I am. I have to break the walls that I’ve built over a lifetime and open myself to people and brave myself to hurt. It’s not going to be an easy process, but I have to work on being true to myself. I have to untie the knots.

Mint Skirt 7

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Mint Skirt 5

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Mint Skirt 1

Outfit Details – 

Striped shirt – Zara India

Mint Skirt – Stalkbuylove.com

Sandals – Tory Burch

Bangle (actually a necklace) – Dhora

Necklace – Forever 21

Earrings – H&M

Makeup – Lancôme & NYX