Ola amigos!

It’s the weekend again and after a long week of working our asses off, we all deserve some downtime. Be it a chill session of Netflix and your favourite pizza or just a relaxing bubble bath, we all have something that really does the job when the situation asks for it. Plus, a weekend well spent really ensures a good start to the new week and WHO doesn’t want to actually enjoy a Happy Monday?

So here are my top 4 pampering essentials that make my weekend absolutely awesome! Check out the list below –

Pampering The Feet

I am not a big fan of an Epsom foot soak as it makes my dry skin much drier. I usually like to soak in my feet in a tub of warm (not hot) water to which I add a few pumps of liquid soap. Aah I love how my feet feel when I do that. I leave in my feet till the water becomes cool (which is a good 10 minutes) and after cleaning and drying them, I just rub some super moisturising lotion on to them to finish the job. Trust me when I say this, it really takes away the muscle aches caused by a long week.

Thats my liquid soap dispenser and my Nivea Moisturiser


Scrub a Dub Dub the Body

I must thank Gulnare Skincare for introducing me to this one! The Coffee Caramel scrub by Gulnare Skincare is my absolute favourite as a body scrub. A combination of coffee granules, organic cane sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon and much more, this scrub leaves my body feeling super soft and clean and smelling off coffee every time I use it. They also have a bunch of other beautiful, natural, organic face and body products that one can buy by visiting their website/store. Click here to access their website.

I’m almost done with the scrub!


Here’s To a Glowing Face!

I obviously can’t leave the face behind when I talk of pampering myself. I enjoy scrubbing my dry skin twice a week (using it more than that irritates my skin) for a beautiful glow and for that I rely on the Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub. Enriched with Kumkumadi oil known for its miraculous ability to improve the skin in multiple ways, this scrub is my favourite when I really want to experience a visible change. The finely ground walnuts and almonds in this scrub do a wonderful job of cleaning the face and making it appear brighter. Click here to shop the rest of their range.

I love the smell of saffron!


My secret to Long and Shiny Hair

Now that the rest of the body is covered, lets talk about my favourite bit – oiling my hair! For some reason, oiling my hair is my favourite thing to do to chill out and that coupled with a hair massage just really makes my day awesome. Castor oil has been my favourite version of oil to make my hair soft. However, on account of its thickness, I recommend you use it in combination with another, lighter oil such as coconut oil and/or almond oil. I usually mix the three of them equally and apply the mixture to my scalp and hair length. After a quick massage, I carry on with the rest of my activities for an hour or two after which I wash it off with a sulphate free shampoo. Do use this combination for a few months to see actual results.

My forever favourite therapy for the hair

Anyway, thats how I pamper myself over the weekend. What are your plans?