After more than six months of being married to probably the best man I’ve ever met, I felt it’s high time I share the story of how we met, on the blog. I’ve wanted to write about this for a while, however, I just haven’t had the perfect pictures to share with you guys till now.

Our story began almost four years ago, on a warm September evening at a club in Delhi. Yuvraj went to college with my friend from school and I had heard a lot about him from her, but I hadn’t ever met him. That night, he came to the club, all the way from England (where he was pursuing his Masters) to surprise her on her birthday. I don’t know about her, but I was definitely surprised to find that this cute guy was friends with my friend and I had totally missed him all this while. From what he told me later, he too had the same reaction! As unusual as it sounds, I have to say that the first time that I met him, I felt him to be so familiar that it almost felt like meeting a close family member. I really don’t know how to explain this, but something just clicked in that moment and I felt like I’d come home. Unfortunately, neither one of us was in a place to take it forward at that time and hence we just let it be.

Three months later, I ran into him once again, this time, on HIS birthday (which by the way is on the 31st of December). I was out celebrating the New Year’s Eve and I ran into him once again at another club in Delhi. Five minutes into a conversation with this man and I was reminded of the same feeling that I had with him 3 months ago. I couldn’t figure out what it was that kept pulling me back towards him, but I had a really happy feeling about him. I knew that something big was about to happen in my life. I could feel that tremendous force that was guiding all my actions and for the first time, I felt I could finally understand fate.

But nope, nothing happened then either. I was of the opinion that he should make the first move and well, he tells me now that he believed that I was simply not interested in him and hence he never made a move! Whatever it was, it just wasn’t the time that fate had chosen for us.

While I sat moping around thinking of what could have been, another five months passed. FIVE WHOLE MONTHS! You guys probably think I’m a loser for not going after the guy myself. But I must add here that I’d gone through heartbreak a few times just before I met my now husband and I was feeling quite dumpy about myself at that time. Hence, making a move on my own hadn’t quite occurred to me. ANYWAAAY, 5 months later, we finally met again when our friend invited the two of us to go out one Saturday night. This time, I knew I wanted to get to know him better and later that night, I confided in one of my friends about my feelings for him. Needless to say that I have the best friends on this planet! He immediately set to work on getting us together. He met up with Yuvraj’s best friend (no, not our common friend), who he was friends with and the two of them set up many opportunities for us to get to know each other.

From birthday parties to other occasions, we never missed the chance to talk to each other. There were so many beautiful moments there that I was convinced of his genuineness towards me. After the multiple heartbreaks, I wasn’t ready to place my trust in another person so fast, but he worked hard at us and he made sure that he won over my trust. This further strengthened my belief in his values and I realized that if he can work THIS hard to win my trust, I must work equally hard to let myself trust him.

It’s been almost 4 years since the day he told me that he wanted to be with me. His honest, simple and genuine words won my heart that day and all the hard work he puts in on a daily basis into our relationship inspires me to work equally hard.

Relationships aren’t easy. They don’t just flow. It takes work to maintain harmony between two people and that doesn’t come on its own. Understanding each other, forgiving each other and focusing on the good days helps us to get through. Oh yeah, and also being grateful that someone decided to spend the rest of their life with me! That nut is in for a super tough time 😛

Also, picture credits to Fotowalle for all the lovely images. <3