I know it’s been a while since I last wrote about a beauty product but I promise you guys that i will be more regular with my beauty reviews! The last three months have been a little tough. There is a lot happening in my life at the moment and to top that off, I’ve not really been keeping well (I’m writing this post with my one eye sealed shut with bandages). But work is a must and I’ve been trying to post as much as I can.

Today, I’m writing to tell you about my experience with Kama Ayurveda and some of it’s glorious products that I recently had the opportunity to try. Apart from my extensive love for make up, I usually stick to natural therapies when it comes to skincare and haircare. If you were to ever enter my bathroom (not that I’m inviting anyone to do that), you would be shocked at the number of bottles of oil that I keep inside. I’m in a firm believer in the power of natural oils and other home remedies and you would usually find me making all kinds of natural face and hair packs on any given Sunday. In fact, every time I travel, I make sure I carry a bottle of castor oil or almond oil with me. Cosmetic face packs have never really caught my interest as I feel that the more the chemicals, the less the impact. But with time, I’ve also realised that despite all the natural treatments I indulge in, what also matters is what I eventually use to wash my hair or my face! All the castor oil in the world can’t be of any help if I eventually wash my hair with a shampoo full of unnecessarily drying chemicals. So in my search for good quality products free of unnecessary chemicals, I came across the brand Kama Ayurveda and I decided to give some of it’s products a shot.

In this beauty review I am going to be focusing on three new products from the brand – Rose & Jasmine Hair Cleanser, Pure Mogra Water and lastly, the Foot Scrub.

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Kama Ayurveda’s Rose & Jasmine Hair Cleanser

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Your crowning glory is practically the star of the show so its essential to care for it just a tad bit extra. You can oil away to your heart’s content but what really matters is how you wash it off. Most shampoos are loaded with sulphates that can be very damaging for your fragile tresses. Since a shampoo is basically a detergent for the hair, it simply cleans the scalp of any oil and grime, drying it out a little in the process (which is why conditioning your hair post a wash is extremely essential). The best thing about Kama Ayurveda products is that they are all free of SLES (sulphates), Parabens and harmful petrochemicals that tend to damage your hair in the process of cleaning it. The Rose & Jasmine hair cleanser is a very mild shampoo made of natural ingredients such as organic aloe vera extract, hibiscus extract and of course, the essential oils of rose and jasmine that cleanse the hair without stripping it off of its natural oils. Initially when I washed my hair with this shampoo, I was a little worried that I hadn’t really washed my hair properly as there was practically no lather formation and my hair was squeaky clean immediately after the wash. It was only once my hair dried out that I was convinced I had washed my hair properly and there was no grime left behind. What I must mention here is that, it takes a while to see the benefits of any new product that you start to use. Give it a little more than a month (unless its not working out for you at all) to see how your hair behaves after you try out a new product. Also, if your shampoo does not lather and leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean, its definitely a good sign.

How To Apply

Simply take a little bit of the shampoo in your hand (the little bit here depends on the length of your hair), wet it and then massage it on to your scalp (not the lengths). A minute of massaging your scalp and you should be ready to wash it out. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry you hair before applying conditioner (only to the lengths). You would probably see the best results if you use the Rose & Jasmine conditioner as well.

Would I Try it Again?

Yes. I liked how soft and clean my hair felt after the wash. Though I’m pretty sure I can best comment on how much I love it only after using it for a month or two. But I’m someone who changes shampoos according to the season and I feel this one might become my summer favourite. My hair looks a little better within a few washes and I’m very happy about the fact that I’m using a sulphate free product which will benefit my scalp and hair in the long run. The fragrance of rose and jasmine is an added bonus.

Price and Availability

A 200 ml bottle of this shampoo will set you back by INR 1,025/- (Yes, its a little pricey compared to all the drugstore shampoos out there but it has a lot of benefits over them). It’s available in all of their outlets and in case you don’t want to visit the store, you can always order them online by clicking here.

Kama Ayurveda’s Pure Mogra Water

Kama Ayurveda 5

Well the usage of this particular product really depends on how useful you find a toner. If you’re really interested in proper skincare, then CTM (Cleansing – Toning – Moisturising) is the way to go. What a toner really does is that it hydrates the skin after you wash it and helps restore its pH balance. If you, like me, prefer going the natural way, then rose water has traditionally served as an excellent toner. Kama Ayurveda’s Pure Mogra Water is a twist on the traditional rose water toner. It’s made of steam distilled from hand-picked Indian Mogra (Jasmine) and has a lot of benefits as mentioned by the company. Unfortunately, these benefits such as  reduction of fine lines and pigmentation will take a while to be visible.

How To Apply

Although the company suggests that you spray it on to your skin after cleansing it and before you apply moisturiser, I personally find it more beneficial to spray the Mogra water on to a cotton pad and then wipe my skin with it. Let it dry on its own and follow that up with a good moisturiser.

Would I Try it Again?

I don’t mind giving it a shot over my regular rose water toner. It does have an amazing fragrance that helps to calm my nerves immediately post application. My skin does feel hydrated after application and I have several examples of instances where I’ve seen my skin visibly calm down on application of the Pure Mogra Water. In fact, I love to use it after I bleach my facial hair cause I have super sensitive skin and this really calms down all the redness instantly. It’s definitely better than a chemical based toner. So it’s more a question of whether you prefer the smell of roses or mogra 🙂

Price and Availability

Well, you can purchase a 200 ml bottle of the same for INR 875/-. It can last you a couple of months if you use it regularly (twice a day on an average). All Kama Ayurveda products are more expensive than your regular drugstore products because they are all natural, take a little more effort to produce and the quality is excellent. You can purchase your own bottle of Pure Mogra Water by clicking here.


Kama Ayurveda’s Foot Scrub

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We all know that the skin on our feet is a little difficult to deal with and can become dry and hard very often. Most of us end up scrubbing it further with a pumice stone at home (in between the pedicure sessions, of course) and making it more dry in the process. The Kama Ayurveda foot scrub is an excellent foot cleanser and exfoliator that leaves your skin feeling moisturised after every application. The ingredients such as ground apricot, chamomile, tea tree extracts, basil, essential oils of lime, verbena and many more work together to care for the hard skin on your foot. I love how my feet feel after scrubbing them with this all natural foot scrub. In fact, I usually don’t need to use a pumice stone after!

How To Apply

Take a walnut sized portion of the scrub in your hand and massage it on wet feet for about 5 minutes. Wash it off with water and the apply a generous amount of moisturiser to your feet for best results. The brand recommends adding 1/2 teaspoon of Kama Ayurveda bath salts in lukewarm water and dipping your feet into the same for about 5 minutes before using the scrub. Use it twice a week for best results.

Would I Try it Again?

I don’t have to think much about this one cause it’s a definite YES! I love the foot scrub cause I get a lot of skin build up on my foot from my regular workouts and this really helps to clean it all up. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next tube.

Price and Availability

This tube is available at a price of INR 550/- for 50 gms. It’s enough to last you a couple of months or more if you use it twice a week. You can purchase your own tube here.

Kama Ayurveda 3

One thing I really want to mention here is that I love the packaging on all Kama Ayurveda products. It is very much in line with the brand ideology of making clean, pure, natural products. They look luxurious and of good quality and instil confidence in the ability of the brand to find a cure for all your beauty woes!

Hope you enjoy using your Kama Ayurveda products and let me know if you guys want me to review anything special 🙂