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Hey guys! 

So as promised on my Instagram and Facebook pages (you will have to follow them to know what I’m talking about), I’m here to write about a common issue faced by people with wavy and frizzy hair. Actually, unless you were born with POKER straight hair, you’ve probably cried over unmanageable and frizzy hair more than once in your life. 

If you too have spent most of your life being over attached to your blow – dryer and your flat iron, then this is the product that might help make life a little easier. Hey, I’m not saying that you will end up with straight hair but you will definitely be more thankful to L’Oreal for coming up with this fantastic product that will make your hair smoother, manageable and help keep the tiny, ugly baby hair at bay (refer – the tiny ugly curls that form around the scalp especially during the monsoon).

L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Hair Products

So what is it about these products that makes them so special?

L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Hair Shampoo and L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Hair Mask are part of the Absolut Repair Professional line by L’Oreal which is usually meant for salon professionals and other experts (which implies that it is slightly pricier than the basic range of hair products by the company and that it has all those ‘magic’ ingredients that we usually tend to experience post a visit to the salon). Now these products are enriched with lactic acid which helps the hair by relaxing the strands and making it more manageable. Basically, it helps restore strength and elasticity to dry and damaged hair (read dry and frizzy hair) by altering the ionic charge of its molecules. I do recommend using it for at least a few washes (umm.. say 4-5) to see desired results. For that matter, do not expect any product to work within the first use. It takes a while for any product to show its worth be it a cosmetic product or a hair product.

L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Hair Shampoo

Shampoo loreal

*Pre- shampoo tip* – Always condition the end of your strands first if your hair falls below your shoulder. The oil from our scalp scarcely makes it way to the hair end in such a case and leaves the ends looking burnt and dry. Conditioning it prior to a shampoo protects it from further damage. You can use your regular conditioner for this purpose.

Now how to obtain best results from your shampoo?

  1. Rinse your hair with warm water as that helps open the pores in your scalp and the cuticles in your strands which is good for removing any dirt and oil and to absorb the shampoo (which is primarily a detergent so use with care).
  2. Take about a quarter sized amount of the shampoo and rub it gently into your scalp in a vertical, massaging motion for best results. Do not rub your hair roughly as that creates friction and damages hair further (can also cause hair fall). No need to apply the shampoo on your ends as it is the oily scalp that you have to clean.
  3. Simply rinse out the shampoo with warm water and DO NOT REPEAT unless absolutely necessary. We do not want to over dry the scalp.


This shampoo does not have a particularly strong smell, just a subtle fragrance. My hair felt cleaner and smoother without feeling squeaky (I don’t like the squeaky ones as they make my hair look so big that I end up resembling a cast member from the Lion King). Hence, a clear thumbs up for the shampoo from me.

L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Hair Mask

loreal hair mask

If you have also had your hair coloured ‘n’ number of times in your life and added to that a few hair re-bonding treatments, honey – THIS is the product that you are looking for.

I normally use a normal hair conditioner (L’Oreal Colour Protect Hair Conditioner) however, during the monsoon season I prefer to use a hair mask instead.

Recommended steps for using the hair mask

  1. Post a shampoo, I usually towel dry my strands to allow my hair to really absorb the mask (remember those open cuticles caused by warm hair? Now you know why we needed them that way).
  2. Spread the mask along your strands from mid – length to the ends, ensuring that it coats all your strands properly. No need to apply it to the roots as your scalp tends to naturally produce oil for that portion and applying it there will make your hair flat, limp and oily.
  3. I usually bundle up my hair with a tiny clip while I get on with the other stuff, letting the hair mask soak into my strands for a while. Note: The longer it stays, the better.
  4. Rinse your hair with cold water after say 5-7 mins to find smooth, supple and silky hair.  Rinsing with cold water helps to seal the cuticles and leave your strands smoother and shinier.
  5. Please note that the hair mask is a deep conditioner in itself so there is absolutely no need to use a regular conditioner again during the wash.


final result

Smoother, shinier, manageable hair that looks nourished and well cared for! Definitely recommended!

Note: If you have naturally straight hair that lacks volume and tends to limp, I would ask you to use this product with care as it may make your hair look limper.

Price and Availability

A 250 ml bottle of the shampoo is priced at INR 500 while a 200 gm bottle of the hair mask if for INR 600. Both are available at large pharmacies or at select salons that use L’Oreal products.

I do recommend that you try other products from the same range for better results and do not forget to apply serum to washed and conditioned wet hair/dry hair (my personal favourites – L’Oreal Mythic Oil and the more popular Moroccan Oil).

Hope this was helpful! Looking forward to your comments on the same. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep informed about the upcoming posts.

Do let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like me to review!

*All products mentioned above have been purchased with my own money and this is not a paid post*