I recently had the opportunity to pick up this purple shirt dress from Missa More’s extensive collection of clothing. Although I already have a closet full of stuff from Missa More, when has that ever been enough? After ordering in this shirt dress, I must admit I was a little vexed with the task of styling it in a way that I found most appealing. Although there can be several ways of styling this particular dress, I wanted to create a look that is a little dark and at the same time, super comfortable. Like I’ve always mentioned in my posts, I like to strike a balance between the comfort level and the level of styling that goes with any outfit and that’s what I was aiming at with this look as well.

Since the shirt dress is a solid colour, I ensured that the dress I wore inside was a little more eye catching so as to draw attention to my overall look. If you prefer solid colours over prints/stripes, you can even pair it with something plain but make sure  that you accessorise a little more in that case just so it doesn’t look so bland. Of course, this look wasn’t complete without a little accessorising either! Also, instead of wearing heels with this one, I decided to wear my favourite sneakers as they fell completely in line with the idea of a slightly dark but chilled out look.

I’ve changed a tad bit with respect to my make up as well for the look. I extended my liner across my eye lids for a length that is longer and more dramatic than usual and kept my lips super bright. I’ve found myself shying away from contouring this season as I’m more into strobing. My face shape allows me  to go without contouring as just a hint of illuminator on the cheekbones does the trick! Strobing allows you to lightly highlight the right areas of your face to draw attention to them. I feel its a more soothing look for the summer season as opposed to contouring.

Take a look at my pictures below to see what I’m talking about –

Missa love 1

Missa love 2

Missa Love 3

Missa Love 4

Missa Love 5

Missa Love 6

Missa Love 7

Missa Love 8

Missa Love 9

Missa Love 10

Missa Love 11

Missa Love 12

Missa Love 13

Where to Shop – 

Shirt Dress – Missa More (click here to shop)

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Striped Dress – Jabong.com (click here to shop)

Shoes – Koovs.com (click here to shop)

Necklace – Forever 21 India (click here to shop)

Make up – Maybelline New York India (click here to shop)

Till the next one 🙂 x