Spring/Summer style has traditionally been about pop colours, flowers and all things bright. Considering I’ve been a staunch follower of my personal sense of style, I haven’t really had the chance to think much about other people and their sense of style. The contradiction here is that I strongly believe that everyone should follow their own style but being a personal style/ fashion blogger, it’s essential for me to be able to mold myself into different people’s definition of personal style. Having stuck to a particular style of dressing over the years, it gets a little difficult to do that. But here, in this particular post, I took the step out of my comfort zone and decided to portray my picture of all things trending this Spring/Summer. So here’s a list of all things notable –

  • Curly Hair: As you can see, I have naturally wavy to curly hair that looks like a proper beehive unless cut properly. Since I’m trying to grow out my hair, I haven’t opted for a haircut in at least 8 months now. So please excuse the lack of behavior on the part of my curls. But you should note that this season, it’s all about letting loose in the right way. Let your hair be free and follow its own calling. This one is especially for all of you out there who are super attached to their straighteners. I added this cute hair tie that transforms into a hairband to add some more colour and character to my outfit (cause it’s all about adding character to your outfit).
  • Acrylic/ Pop Colour Frames: Yes, yes, colour me bright! Add some kick of colour to your frames as well. After all, they are the most defining aspect on your face when you step out in the Sun right? Also, if you are bold enough and you want to take it a step further, you can even opt for bright frames for your permanent spectacles!
  • Long Earrings: Long earrings are quite trendy at the moment. If you want them to stand out more, make sure you pull back your hair so that they grab all the attention.
  • Dress: Well the dress of course, is brightly coloured keeping in mind the theme of the look. It’s got quite the summery print and a very hot back that unfortunately wasn’t captured so well in the pictures.
  • Socks & Heels: Yes, I know it’s a trend that was always discouraged in the past (remember floaters and socks?). But at the moment, this is exactly what is trending. You can choose to wear a cute pair with your open toed shoes as well like I have. I’ve chosen this adorable pair with avocados made it on from The Moja Club.

Take a look at all my pictures below to see the final look!

Pop 1

Pop 2

Pop 3

Pop 4

Pop 5

Pop 6

Pop 7

Pop 8

Pop 9

Pop 10

Pop 11

Pop 12

Pop 13Where to Shop?

Dress  – Koovs.com

Hairband- From somewhere in Japan

Earrings – Eurumme

Sunshades – Miss Jo (some store that used to exist till a few years ago)

Socks – The Moja Club

Shoes- Tresmode

Don’t forget to click on the links above to order in your Spring style accessories and outfit!