Hey guys!

This is my first post to you all and for the same, I want to review the much raved about Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum.

Why Do I need A Serum?

A serum serves as a lightweight moisturiser that penetrates through the skin faster than the usual moisturisers thus providing the skin with twice the moisturisation and preventing faster ageing from dry skin. Additionally, it gives your skin a smoother texture and helps it to look firmer. 

What the Product says:

The product is made out of 10o% organic Jeju green tea seeds and Jeju green tea which are rich in amino acids, and antioxidants. These ingredients hydrate the skin and also create a moisture barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss.

The serum also uses Dual Moisture technology derived from green tea seeds and green tea, where the green tea boosts the moisture levels in the skin and the green tea seed oil creates a barrier on the skin preventing moisture loss.

My experience with the serum:

The serum has a water like consistency, and is easily absorbed my skin. It also has a refreshing green tea scent, which I personally quite like.

I use this serum just after applying my toner, and massage it into my skin. What I like about it is that it hydrates my skin without making it oily. Also, just one pump is enough to cover the entire face, and hence a bottle will last you a long time.

What I must mention here is that I have acne prone skin and I tend to break out quite often. However, this serum hydrates my skin without aggravating the acne.

I often mix the serum with my moisturiser at night, which further enhances the benefits of the serum, and gives me radiant glowing skin in the morning. With regular usage, I have found that it has lightened scars on my face, brightened the skin and made it plump and hydrated.

Applying this on my face before makeup application helps the makeup go on smoother and hence lends a more natural finish to my makeup.


I also like the fact that it comes in pump style packaging, which makes it very hygienic to use the product. The serum comes in a green bottle, just like the rest of Innisfree’s green tea product range, transparent enough to let you see how much of the product is still left. The packaging is made of hard plastic, and is sturdy, which makes it travel friendly.

Price and Availability

It’s a bit on the pricier side; but since one barely needs a few drops per use, the saying ‘a little goes a long way’ is quite applicable here. You can purchase an 80 ml bottle for INR 1,950/- either from your local Innisfree store or from Nykaa.com.


Click here to buy your bottle.


  • Easily Absorbed
  • Doesn’t make the skin oily
  • No break outs post usage
  • Little goes a long way
  • Hydrates the skin for 8-9 hours
  • Makes the skin looking smooth and plump.
  • Travel friendly.


  • Expensive
  • Not so easily available.

I would suggest everyone to give this product a shot at least once, and see the difference it makes to your skin. The smooth, hydrated skin is something that I have been addicted to for a while, and I hope you enjoy the product as well.

Post by Urvi Shrimanker