Hey guys!

I’m so glad that a lot of you wrote to me to ask me your questions about the laser treatment for facial hair removal at Skin Alive. Before I get down to answering all your queries, I’d like to give you all a brief description of the procedure.

My History

Before I started with the treatment, I had some issues with my facial hair growth. I’ve always had a lot of it since I was a child and initially I had to thread out my forehead, upper lip and eyebrows in less than a week. When I moved to London for my post graduation, I adopted the habit of using a small battery operated facial razor to cut costs on threading. That habit turned out to be costlier in terms of my skin. I had to use that literally everyday and it caused a lot of in growth on my face leaving me with greenish sections of ingrowth on my upper lip and forehead. Hence, my decision to go in for facial hair removal with laser.


  • I would recommend you start with taking an appointment for consultation with a doctor at your local Skin Alive centre. I met with Dr. Anupama at the Panchsheel clinic and Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra (the owner of Skin Alive) herself to discuss my issues with facial hair and its removal. Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, is one of the leading dermatologists in India. She has obtained her MBBS and Post graduation degree in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology from Maulana Azad Medical College(MAMC), New Delhi. The doctors should be able to best advise you on how long you would need the treatment for depending on your hair growth and intensity of the same.

Make sure you do not have any hormonal imbalances prior to starting treatment as they may impact the process heavily and the results of your treatment will be unsatisfactory.

  • Once you are ready to start the treatment, I suggest you go ahead with a patch test. I tested it on my upper lip to ensure that the treatment does not have any side effects for me.
  • To start the treatment, you are asked to lie down on a bed where they clean your face to remove all signs of makeup and dirt. This is followed by shaving off hair from your face to remove any long strands.
  • Before the technician starts the procedure, she will cover sensitive areas such as your eyes and plug your ears to ensure that they aren’t harmed during the process.
  • There are two types of lasers. One is used for the body in which they spread a gel like substance on your body part to be treated and use the laser on it. For the face, they use a different type of laser  that doesn’t require gel. It uses the laser light to heat the hair follicle and deactivate the hair growth. It also throws cool air on the face during the procedure to minimise discomfort.
  • During the procedure, the technician will move the machine across your face working on one portion at a time while the cool air will ensure that you remain comfortable.
  • Once the full face and neck have been covered, the technician will apply an aloe vera based cooling gel (as in the pictures above) to the treated area and using a cooling machine to minimise the redness on your skin.
  • Post treatment procedure involves application of an anti-inflammatory cream followed by sunblock. The cream is to be used twice a day for two days post treatment.

Since I’ve been through three rounds of the treatment, I felt it was time I answered some of your queries on  the same.


  • What should be the length of time between your laser sessions?

The length of time between your laser sessions depends on your area of treatment, your intensity of hair growth and other personal factors. Usually a period of 2-4 weeks for the face is considered fine as the hair on the face grows faster than the rest of the body. But ultimately, it’s best to follow the advice of your doctor. Also, please note that once you are done with the treatment, you are recommended to come in for a maintenance once in a few months for some time depending on  your hair growth.

  • How long does it take for the hair to grow back?

That again depends on your own body. With each successive session, your hair growth will reduce. After the first session, I needed to shave twice during the two week wait period (as opposed to shaving everyday as I used to). After the second session, I shaved once and that too just a bit to clean it out. I’m hoping I will not have to shave after my third session (the rest period is 3 weeks this time).

  • What are the side effects involved in laser treatments?

Although laser hair removal is relatively safe, it can have certain side effects if done by the wrong person. It can cause burns, skin pigmentation, infection of hair follicles and much more if not done properly. Hence its really important to ensure you get it done at the right place. The usual side effects involve slight reddening of the treated area (which subsides within a few hours/ days), some irritation, tingling etc.

  • How painful is it?

It’s not really painful. I’ve barely felt anything besides the cool air during the treatment, however, since the hair on my forehead was really hard, I did feel a few pricks over there. Again, it should not hurt since every precaution is taken to minimise discomfort. But my experience might not be the same as anyone else’s and there might be others who experience some discomfort but quite minimal.

  • How expensive is it?

Six sessions on the full face can cost you about INR 48,600/- at Skin Alive clinic.

  • Is Skin Alive a good place for Hair laser?

I am quite happy with the clinic. I felt very comfortable after my conversations with the doctors. They are always available to answer any of your queries. The technicians are skilled and confident and the treatment rooms are clean and quite comfortable.

  • Is there a guarantee that my hair wont come back?

Laser hair removal works to deactivate the hair follicle over successive sessions. In the rest period between the sessions, most of the hair falls out and with every successive session you should experience 20% less hair growth (in theory). For some people it works faster and for others it may be slower depending on your hair growth and type of hair. There are chances of your hair coming back but you won’t experience a full fledged hair growth (only in rare circumstances will that happen). Hence they recommend maintenance sessions to ensure that hair removal is as permanent as possible.

  • Why does it effect some people better and not others? 

The treatment, like I explained above, is something that varies from person to person. In all normal circumstances of health, it should work wonderfully. However, if you have very light coloured hair or hormonal/other health issues, it might not be as affective.

  • What is the healing time post treatment?

The slight redness that I experience post treatment usually disappears within half an hour. It may take a day or two for some people with highly sensitive skin. However, the technicians at the clinic ensure that they cool down the skin properly post treatment using machines and sometimes an ice pack. Plus a good anti-inflammatory cream does the job well.

  • Does it give relief from other skin issues?

The laser treatment is only for hair removal. It does not provide relief from any other skin ailments. Please consult the doctors for your specific skin related issues. 

  • Can you go out in the sun post treatment?

Although the technicians apply sunblock to your face post treatment and it is considered safe to go out in the sun after it, I would not recommend too much activity in the sun to be on the safe side. 

Hope all of the above answers all your queries on laser treatment. Best of luck for your treatment!