“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”
― Shannon L. Alder

The first thing that struck me upon reading this quote was that I was quite clueless about who I am.


During my school and college years, I’d always identified with myself as a good student, an overachiever and basically a highly competitive human being. My parents are staunch supporters of the number game and I wanted to win it. However, my teeny little mind failed to take into consideration that real life can be slightly different.

Fast-forward to a few years into the future, my world was starkly different. The warm comfort of my childhood had vanished into thin air only to be replaced by a cloud of confusion. I had no clarity on my career and where my life was taking me. I would look at my peers and feel like I was falling behind in life. There I was trying to figure out my path whereas others around me had already found theirs and were moving ahead in it. I would look at some of my friends and admire them for their extraversion. They seemed to be so confident about themselves and were always leaping into all kinds of situations.

I’m sure that by now you would’ve figured out that I’m an introvert. I’m the type who enjoys her solo time more than her time outside with others. I’m the type who things a hundred times before saying something to another person causing me to remain quite during most of my social interactions.

Coming back to the point, I felt that if I were to succeed in life, I needed to emulate certain qualities of extroverts. In the process, I pushed myself to do things that would make me unhappy. I would push myself to go to all kinds of social gatherings to interact with more people when all I would actually want is to curl up in my room and read. The competitive child in me would push me to do things that I would hate just because I was scared of being a failure. I reached a point where I knew that I had had enough and despite all my efforts, change was not on the cards. My newly emerging thoughts found support in the quote I’ve mentioned above and I decided to give myself a chance to find out who I really am while dismissing the old picture I’d made of myself.


Fast-forward another few years and I’m still figuring out myself. I think of myself as a brand new person who listens to her heart. I’m learning to love the introvert part of my personality. Following my heart to the T and doing things that make me happy have placed me in a completely new world. Sure, there is a tonne of confusion right now as well. I don’t know where I am going in life or where I want to be at the end of the day. But now the journey is definitely more enjoyable and for now, that’s just what I need.

Take a look below at how I’ve styled this beautiful wrap around dress from Lila. I love how this dress is a perfect embodiment of how I’m feeling at the moment. We all have layers that we need to scratch to discover our real selves and to find the key to our happiness. It is only when we accept and rejoice how delightfully diverse we are as people, we would be able to create a better world.







Outfit Details

Dress – Lila, Shahpur Jatt Village, Delhi

Necklace – Street vendor in GK – 1 Market, Delhi

Sneakers – Zara India

Fan – From a street market in Thailand

About Lila

Lila products are made with 100% natural materials that are locally sourced and crafted in-house by their skilled team of craftsmen; so know that when you buy Lila you support the environment and the community. Lila is committed to providing sustainable and happy livelihoods to its employees and a personal clothing experience to its clients.

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