Okay, gotta calm down now cause it’s just a new season that comes at this time, year after year. Nothing new. BUTTTT its my favourite season cause the weather outside is just perfect to flaunt my awesome fall wardrobe.

You know, every spring, I buy a bunch of new clothes that I plan to wear during the summer and they all end up at the bottom of my wardrobe cause its just SO HOT during the summer. Dressing up for a 45 degree summer seems pointless to me when I know I am going to sweat it all out in a span of 5 minutes. So in comes fall – the most beautiful season – where I get to wear all my summer clothes with just a little bit of cover-up to deal with the cool air. My favourite cover-up for the season that looks super sexy as well is the all essential Denim jacket.

What I love about the denim jacket is that not only is it practical for the weather but it’s super versatile. It goes with almost anything. You can style it over a dress like I did, or wear it with a top and maxi skirt to lend a more rugged edge to an otherwise highly feminine look.

Now coming to why I love oversized denim jackets is because in addition to all the benefits that I mentioned above, they have that larger than life feel to them. They’re much fancier than the regular denim jackets and they add to the cool factor of absolutely any outfit. Wear them the ways I mentioned before or wear them anyway you like! I like to wear my oversized denim jacket with a t-shirt, tights and cute sneakers.

So figure out what works for you and style your oversized denim jacket your way. In the meantime, check out some of my pictures styling my favourite oversized denim jacket.

Outfit Details – 

Dress + Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Gucci

Location Details – 

The Piano Man Cafe

Picture Courtesy –

The Picture Phactory by Asutosh Bansal