Seldom do I write about the same brand twice, but sometimes, some things, leave an impression on you and you have no choice but to share your feelings about them. Around the same time, last year, I introduced a new clothing brand called One By Three (OBT) on my blog. As the name suggests, the brand is a culmination of the talents of three industrious women who decided to share their love for fashion with the world. The journey they embarked upon when they started their venture wasn’t an easy one, as it rarely is. However, today, they stand to see the fruition of their efforts with the launch of their brand new website!

In an industry dependent on mass market sales, OBT chooses to create it’s own niche with it’s minimalist, yet captivating styles. When you speak to the girls about the brand, all you see is a determination to create something beautiful that is understated, yet alluring. They understand that the value of an outfit comes from it’s ability to make the wearer appear striking without having exercised much effort and those are the type of outfits that they aim to create. Any good fashion designer would know that there are certain things that are essential to creating a good piece of clothing and the most important of those are fabric quality and the silhouette. More importantly, any good fashion designer would never sacrifice on either of the two and with OBT, one can be assured of the same.

Over the last one year, I have seen the brand grow beautifully. From their first exhibit locally to participating in exhibits across the country, OBT has witnessed tremendous growth. What I personally like about their designs is their potential to take the wearer from an everyday outfit to a formal one. In fact, even though I styled my tops (in the looks below) in a formal manner, one can choose to keep them casual with the same ease.

Take a look below to know what I am writing about –

Look 1

Everyday Formals

Cause evening wear can be everyday wear.







Look 2

Glam Grunge

Cause one can fell classy and grunge at the same time.






IMG_6052Outfit Details: Tops – OBT| Striped Pants – Zara India| Nude Wedges – Charles & Keith India| Gold Jewellery in Look 1 – DiorDenim Skirt – Dorothy Perkins, | Black Heels – Zara IndiaSilver Earrings – GK 1, M Block Market|

If you like the tops that I’ve worn in the images above, then do not forget to check out One By Three‘s new website that launches on the –

10th of September, 2016.

To know more about the brand, click here to read my previous post on them.

Meanwhile, you can check out their Instagram page here.

Currently, they only retail at exhibitions.

Photo Credits: Palak Bohara (Instagram – @palakbohara)

Location Courtesy: Fio Cookhouse & Bar, Epicuria Mall, R1, Nehru Place, Under Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110019.