Despite our individual tastes and preferences, I think we all have those days when you just want to indulge in some effortless dressing. For me, thats everyday. It’s either effortless dressing or pyjamas for me. However, lets not synonymize effortless dressing with being unkempt. It’s about pulling together a good outfit with the least possible effort. It’s about appreciating the simplicity of your outfit and letting it bring out your personality and style. What I love about this particular outfit that I’ve styled is how simple things like a denim dress and a black choker can really take an outfit from simple to dressy.

The key ingredient to this particular type of styling is the silhouette and fit of your garments. Having well fitted pieces in your wardrobe can make this a no-brainer. My everyday strategy is to pick a piece that I feel like wearing that day and then finding another piece of garment to pair it with. It’s as simple as that. Even when you feel like wearing a simple dress, try layering it with another interesting piece from your wardrobe to add some character to your look.

Accessorising, for me, has always been about keeping it simple. A simple black ribbon choker really did the trick in my case. It’s funny how a simple piece of cloth can really take your look up a notch. In the end, a cute bag, a pair of gold earrings (just to add another colour) and my Adidas Superstars were enough to pull this look together.

What I am trying to really emphasise on here is that you really don’t need to spend enormous amounts of energy or time on getting together your outfit on each day. There are a million things that we all have to do everyday and if we spend most of the day figuring out how to dress up, it would be a waste of time. Minimising efforts yet maximising results is the key to success in today’s time. So the things to keep in mind are that you keep garments that you plan to wear in the near future, make sure they fit you and lastly, pair them together to get the best of out them for an effortless chic look.









Outfit Details – 

Black Dress – H&M

Denim Dress –

Black Choker – Gift from (not available for sale at the moment)

Shoes – Adidas Superstars

Bag – Coach from

Earrings & Bracelet – Dior

Watch – Michael Kors