“Take Me Anywhere”

Thats probably what my mind was shouting when I got the call about this beautiful property set off against the gorgeous Lake Pichola in Udaipur. Sick of working from home with only my laptop to stare at, I was ready to go just about anywhere at this point in time. Little did I know that the trip to the Jagat Nivas Palace would be better than any vacation plans I had in mind.

I packed my bags and was ready to take off on an adventure involving some of my favourite bloggers from the city. We had decided to call ourselves ‘The Wanderous Tribe’ for the simple reason that we knew that this would be one hell of a trip and that we would want to take this forward by travelling together. Sheena, Pupul, Malvika, Surbee and I along with our lovely photographer friend, Ananya, were all set for a 2 night 3 day trip to the beautiful boutique property called Jagat Nivas Palace  located on the banks of the Lake Pichola. The property is an early 17th century ‘Haveli’ offering stunning views from its recently restored rooms. The Palace is a striking mix of old world charm with new age modernity. Despite the renovations sufficient to bring it to the 21st century, this family managed boutique property has quite efficiently retained its quaint allure.

From the very first moment of my arrival (which was by the Jagat Ferry, by the way), I was quite happily acquainted with the famed Rajasthani hospitality. Meals sufficient to feed the Kings became a regular affair during our visit. From the traditional Dal – bati – churma to excellent chocolate covered waffles, the palace ensured flawlessness in every meal that was served to us. Simply put, the food there was top-notch.

From taking on-foot tours of the bustling city to boat tours of the stunning Lake Pichola, all options were open to us. However, what I enjoyed the most about my trip was whiling away time, drinking tea and staring at the bright blue waters of the lake from the exquisite ‘jharokas’ of the palace. Despite the allure of the charming town that lay right outside the gates of the palace, the comfort and hospitality offered by the staff at the Jagat Nivas was enough for me to park myself at the property for most of my visit.

Our visit to the property also included a sunset tour of Lake Pichola aboard the magnificent Jagat Sagar. The Jagat Sagar, as you can see from the images above, is a luxurious pontoon boat owned by the palace complete with all features necessary to make the travellers experience one of opulence and sheer indulgence. The Jagat Sagar is an absolute beauty with its mirrored interiors reflecting the bright blue colours of the lake. With a capacity of about 20-25 people, the boat was perfect for our little high tea party catered by the property with all kinds of pastries and a variety of drinks to satisfy every occupant.

Although the trip was short, it was quite a memorable one. Just the five of us girls, working together and spending time against a beautiful backdrop was an experience I wouldn’t have missed for anything else. The Haveli is just the perfect place to take your close friends/ family for some relaxation and good food. Just take some time off and let your body bask under the hot Rajasthan sun. I guarantee you that you will come back a rejuvenated person after your experience in Udaipur and especially so at the Jagat Nivas Palace.

Orange Gota Outfit Courtesy: Lyla

Maroon Embellished Crop Top: Kazmi 

White Shirt: Mango

Black Pants + Jeans: Zara India

Photographer for our outfit shoots: Ananya Rijhwani


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