Hi Guys,

I’m sure if you are a regular Mac customer, you would’ve realised by now that Mac has a policy of bringing in a new range of lip colours very frequently and they usually do not keep any of their old collections in stock once the season for them is over!

I personally love this policy of theirs ’cause I really look forward to their new and innovative colours. However, they do have certain colours such as the amazing ‘Ruby Woo’ and the entire Viva Glam collection for that matter that is always in stock! Let’s just say that they know what their customers want and how to keep them happy 🙂

Just so you know, the Viva Glam Collection was established to support people suffering from HIV/AIDS and every cent from the sale of this collection is directed towards the same cause.

Anyway, so we’re back to the rainy gloomy monsoon season in Delhi where the drab weather does nothing to uplift your spirits but makes way for the occasional ‘chai’ and ‘pakoda’.

I decided to add some ‘glam’ (too cliched?) to my day by using my Viva Glam – I lipstick before I stepped out for a day of hardcore shopping. Need I remind you ladies how exhausting a day of extensive shopping can get? The pushing and the pulling, the long lines during sale time, the continuous visits to the trial room – well, lets just say I was ready to give up after a couple of hours! But guess what stuck around for all the time AND continued to look pretty? Yup – my beautiful shade of red from Mac!


Mac - Viva Glam II

This is a deep shade of red suitable for us rare women who cannot use Ruby Woo (Yes, there are a few of us out there)! It seems to be suitable for most Indian skin tones as it tends to bring out the warmth which is evident in Indian skin.

It’s got those warm undertones that made it look deep and dark on my lips without making me look like an old woman (please please please – do not use shades of browns especially if you are in your twenties. It definitely adds age to your face!).


Mac - Viva Glam II Close up


The lipstick feels creamy and smooth on application but it appears matte on the lips adding to the whole glamorous look that I was going for without making my lips look dry and cake-y. Though I do recommend the use of a good lip balm prior to applying this lipstick if you have dry lips as matte colours can usually make your lips look drier.

Make sure that you use a nice lip pencil to outline your lips – especially if you want to make them appear fuller (very essential when you want to go for the whole ‘lana del ray’ sort of classy look).

My main concern with a dark colour has always been its ability to leave stains on nearly everything. Thankfully, this does not spread around my lips (with or without a liner) nor does it leave stains on a glass (there are tricks to avoid that irrespective)!

Me - Viva Glam II


The packaging of all Mac products, as usual is quite simple and easy to deal with and the lipsticks are priced somewhere between INR 990 – INR 1500!

Final Verdict:

I love this colour. I think I can make it my everyday red.

Highly suitable for the autumn/ winter season though I would suggest a brighter shade for the summer.

It stuck around on my lips for a good four hours without the need for a re – application ( a definite thumbs up in my books)!

I say – Go buy it!


All Mac stores across the country.

*Please note that this is not a sponsored post. The product mentioned has been purchased with my own money*