So I’m back once again with another kick ass product that I’ve recently had the chance to review. This time I’m talking about the brand new Gel finish nail paints launched by Avon cosmetics in India (Once again, this is NOT a paid post).

Having heard a lot about Avon’s new collection of nail paints, the beauty bug in me decided to get hold of a few colours for myself. Just a look at their new catalogue was enough to drive me crazy with all the amazing product choices available to me. Anyway, for the moment, I decided to experiment with just the nail paints and after several attempts, I narrowed my choices down to these three colours.

photo 1 (1)


Colours picked: Candy Apple, Wine and Dine me and Royal Vendetta

These nail paints are available in 8ml bottles for INR 249 a bottle and there are ten different glossy shades to choose from. I personally chose the ones in the above picture cause EVERYONE needs a good Red (read – candy apple), a dark maroon-ish purple (Wine and Dine Me) for when you’re taking the glam level up a notch and a funky blue (Royal Vendetta) for those days when you’re feeling a teensy bit experimental.

Wine and Dine me

So as you can see, I was in the mood for feeling all glamorous and I chose to try on the shade ‘Wine and Dine me’.


The tiny bottles come equipped with wide brushes suitable for broad nails like mine. However, if you have smaller nails, I recommend keeping a few ear buds soaked in remover ready to scrub your fingers clean. As you can see in the picture, even with broad nails I managed to spill around my fingernails a bit. Also, I would recommend applying multiple coats to attain a minimum level of opacity. I managed to get a decent colour on with two coats of this nail paint.


As claimed by the company, these nail paints are definitely quite glossy and leave a proper gel like finish which you would normally attain in a salon under a UV lamp. I loved how from the first coat, I could see my nails shine without the use of a top coat (Definite plus points).

My only problem – It’s been three hours since application and I can already see a chip or two. I doubt that the colour will last more than a few days as opposed to a normal gel finish application from the salon that will last you a good two weeks. But the fact that it looks good while it lasts WHILE being reasonably priced does convince me to pick up a few more shades 😛


Avon products are usually available through their representatives since the brand focuses primarily on direct selling to its customers. I would recommend that you visit their website (http://www.in.avon.com/PRSuite/home_page.page) and fill in a form searching for a representative. Once you fill in all the required information, you will be contacted shortly by a local representative who will help you with your purchase. Also, the company keeps updating its latest product brochure on its website. Do check it out for the complete range of products.

Wine and dine painted

All in all, I do have to say that my nails look pretty fancy and well done at the moment. So I’m heading out to take them for a ride across town!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the same 🙂

*This post is made on the basis of products that I have purchased with my own money and it is not paid for*