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If you have been following my social media posts, you would be aware about my association with Alaya Spa + Salon based out of Saket, New Delhi. The word Alaya literally means the final state of the mind before it attains nirvana. After visiting the spa, I can completely relate to the feeling.

I’ve actually experienced a number of services here such as hair colouring, a lovely Thai massage and a fantastic Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment before trying out this particular scalp treatment. More than anything, I feel that I must congratulate the management for the excellent service and the personal touch that they add to every little detail. I have been to a number of salons and spas in my life but nothing compares to the comfort that I feel at Alaya. Each and every member of the staff is extra courteous and takes great care in ensuring that all their customers feel at home. To add to that, the ambience of Alaya is actually very soothing. The soft and mellow music in the background and the gorgeous wooden interiors all around add to the relaxation one feels at this place.

More than anything, I really enjoy how skilled each member of the staff is and how open each one of them is to listening to the customer’s ideas. I have had a lot of failed experiments when it comes to my hair hence I know what works best for me . So its obvious that I was super happy that the colourist at the salon and the owner (who takes a personal interest in his customers) were excellent in incorporating my suggestions while giving me a new colour.

My very recent hair adventure made me try out the Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment. Here are some details about the same –

Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment


So this is what my hair looked like when I walked in. It’s been chemically treated way too many times and of course, I can imagine that theres been a great deal of product build up on my scalp over time. Regular shampoo washes cannot completely clean the scalp at times and its essential to ensure that the scalp stays clean to avoid situations like hair fall, dandruff, excess oil build up etc. This is why I tried out this particular treatment so as to give my scalp a nice break.

Moroccan oil basically contains Argan oil and it aims to transform and repair the hair by restoring its lost proteins for strength. It contains fatty acids, Omega – 3 oils and vitamins for shine as well as antioxidants for protection.


We started with rubbing some of the Moroccan Oil on my hair which was followed by an application of the Dry Scalp treatment product by the same brand. The stylist first checks if you have an oily scalp or a dry one. In case you experience excess oil build up on your scalp, they use a product for that condition by the same brand.

After application of the dry scalp treatment product, the stylist thoroughly massaged my scalp to ensure that the product spreads well and to get rid of any build up.

The massage was then followed by a wash with two different shampoos by the same brand.


The stylist first washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build up and followed it by a wash with the extra volume shampoo to give my hair a nice bounce.


Here I am after the head wash looking very happy to feel a much cooler and relaxed scalp!

He followed this by applying the repair mask that you see in the first image. He spread that through my hair and let it sink in to my strands by covering my hair with a hot towel. We let that be for a good 6-7 minutes and followed that up with a conditioning rinse. He also explained to me that had my hair been very fine, he would’ve used a completely different product to ensure that my hair would not become limp post the treatment. Oh did I mention that while I had the mask on, the stylist gave me a nice arm and shoulder massage as well? Heaven, I tell you!


He rinsed my hair with this moisturising and repairing conditioner which was well suited to my thick, dry hair. I must take a moment here to tell you that each of the products smelled absolutely wonderful. In fact, my hair still smells super nice even on the second day!


Post the rinse, the stylist applied just a bit of the hydrating styling cream to my strands and gave me a gorgeous blow dry. This was finally followed by him spraying a small amount of the finishing spray on my hair to give me the final shine.


So, I finally ended up with hair as smooth and shiny as silk. The whole treatment took about an hour and 15 minutes and was a very relaxing experience over all.


Though it does not come cheap, for it is priced at INR 3,400 + taxes, it is something one should indulge in once in a while. Alternatively, you can go in for the regular hair treatment which is just the same minus the initial scalp treatment. It is for around INR 1,900 + taxes and something that you should do once a month in order to avoid frizzy hair.

Here’s a picture of the ‘Before and After‘ for you to compare –


You can read up more about Alaya Spa + Salon and even book an appointment by clicking here.

They also have a Spa in Gurgaon and it’s a place that is a must try even if for any other service. So do book an appointment and go have some fun! Also, give my reference when you go 🙂


About Alaya

Alaya Spa + Salon is an oasis away from the staleness of life which promises a similar experience in your quest for inner peace and well-being. A visit to Alaya is truly a retreat that will relax your mind, revive your body and rejuvenate your soul.

TT FOOTCARE PVT. LTD introduces Alaya, an Organic Day Spa + Salon with a contemporary tibetan buddhism ambience designed to be sanctuaries for the inner self. Highly experienced spa therapist, skilled salon artist, beauty specialists and use of authentic products to make your visit truly worth it and to take your mind, body and spirit to a all new high.

Alaya sets high standards that allows customers to choose a controlled setting where they are sure to find and experience an organic well being.

Connecting every treatment to the sun, the wind, the water, the flowers and the earth, we at ‘Alaya’ enrich and renew with truly holistic treatments, providing inspiration for personal discovery, while delighting the senses. We believe in organic approach therefore our interiors are made up of wooden and use Terri cotton towels and 100% natural spa products & essential oils. We ensure this experience will generate a minimised ecological impact on the environment, clear communication about the services of the establishment, it’s environmental commitment and labelling grade.