It’s always such a pleasure to write about brands that I truly love and jewellery brands such as Swarovski definitely top my list! One visit to their store in Select City Walk, Delhi was enough to have me drooling over the absolutely stunning pieces that were displayed in the store.

For those of you who are unaware, Swarovski jewellery primarily consists of crystals that are cut so fine that they resemble diamonds. The term ‘Swarovski’ comes from the last name of the Austrian inventor of this fine art of cutting crystals in innovative and extraordinary ways to create ‘diamonds that are accessible to everyone’. The brand is now run by Daniel Swarovski’s family, with the aim of creating beautiful jewellery for everyday style for women across the world.

My recent collaboration with Swarovski for a Mother’s Day campaign called #MakeHerShine had me visiting their store in Select City Walk, Delhi a few times and I cannot emphasise enough on the beauty of each and every piece of jewellery. Not only does Swarovski have some gorgeous jewels, it also has a variety of beautiful watches, some excellent show pieces for display and much more. Additionally, all Swarovski jewellery comes in 3 colour ranges – Silver, Gold and Rose Gold; something to suit every occasion. Not only does it stand in as beautiful jewellery for traditional occasions but for contemporary ones as well.

I took the liberty of shooting some pictures there to share with you all some of my favourite pieces –

As will all beautiful things, Swarovski jewellery and accessories too come at a price. Although there isn’t a specific price range that I can quote here, I would say that the lowest priced pieces would probably set you back to the tune of say INR 4,000/-. However, it is clearly a more reasonable alternative to buying diamonds. My gift to my mom from my first pay was a beautiful Swarovski heart shaped pendant and I cannot tell you how good it felt to gift her jewellery and more importantly, how proud she felt on receiving jewels from her newly employed adult daughter!

The above pictures represent just a mere few from their highly elaborate collection. Head over to the store and take a look for yourself!

For more information on Swarovski, click here.


Picture courtesy – Aditya Saxena ( @adityaries)

Location courtesy – Swarovski Select City walk, New Delhi.

Outfit – Top + shoes: The Label Life

               Skirt: Madison, Hauz Khas Village