Summer in Delhi can come close to being torturous. The intense heat combined with the hot winds from the west popularly known as the ‘Loo’ tend to have a disastrous effect on the temperature and the humidity levels in the city. Needless to say, the only clothing anyone would want to wear in such conditions would be something that leaves enough room for the skin to breathe. Fashion and styling is well forgotten at such times and out come the simple t-shirts and shorts.

In an age where fashion is evolving at a pace faster that ever before and the country is discovering its love for experimentation, it seems almost cruel to give it all up for the summer months. I mean, it is quite understandable that no one would want to play around with styling when its almost 50 degrees celsius outside! However, for those of us who don’t want to let go of our passion to dress up, there are tonnes of options out there. For example, layering clothing made of lightweight and breezy materials makes it easy to transition from the heat to the air conditioning while looking super stylish and fresh for the summer.

In my quest for such clothing that allows me the sartorial freedom without the weight, I came across a brand called Bhane. Although the brand has been in my shopping radar for a while, this was the first time I realised the value of its functionality. The brand’s ideology has always been about being true to one self and the beauty of simplification all of which reflects in the silhouettes and the collections. Bhane has been gaining a lot of attention as the go – to street style brand for a while and it’s simple yet thoughtful designs manage to blend well with everyone’s personal style and individuality. Most of the clothing that falls under their collection is made of fabrics such as linen, lightweight denim and other such breezy materials that allow the wearer to be comfortable even in the hottest of months. When I decided to do a layered look for the summer, I was a little hesitant about shooting under the hot sun, but I was left surprised by how comfortable I felt in my layers. Wearing the linen jacket over the shirt dress definitely added to the style quotient of my outfit. Layering multiple pieces together helps one to create a variety of looks with the same garments. The shirt dress alone looks great but with the jacket, it looked equally nice and different!

To add to the attraction of the look, I paired some of the super funky jewellery that I received in this month’s MyEnvyBox  and created the look that you see below –

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Bhane 21

Bhane 16

Bhane 15

Bhane 14

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Bhane 12

Bhane 11

Bhane 10

Bhane 9

Bhane 8

Bhane 7

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Bhane 5

Bhane 4

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Bhane 2

Where to Shop?

Printed Shirt Dress –

Linen Jacket –

Hairband (worn as necklace) – Fooljhadi (as a part of the MyEnvyBox)

Earrings worn as brooch – Eesha Zaveri Jewelery (as a part of the MyEnvyBox)

Earrings – H&M India 

Bracelet – Zariin (as a part of the MyEnvyBox)

 Septum Ring – Kichu

Sandals – Zebba

Till the next one 🙂 x