I don’t think I’ve gotten over my childhood obsession for the colour ‘pink’. I should tell you, though, that I’m in a much better place now and I’m definitely not AS obsessed with it as a I was before. Though I should also mention here that I recently picked up a pair of baby pink Adidas Superstars and they’re absolute LOVE. Even though the shoes are just a new addition to my wardrobe, pink has always been a part of my closet essentials. I’m sure the pictures in this post are enough to back my statement.

I love how the colour is associated with softness and openness, the two elements that I look for in my life everyday. I’ve had tonnes of people tell me that one needs to be hard to survive in the world. I personally think that a lot of us harden over the years, as a result of the situations we come across in life. It’s quite natural to feel let down, to find sadness in your surroundings, to have situations change you forever. I’ve had that myself. Sometimes I feel like I was a completely different person 5 years ago. A really happy person, who loved life. Things changed. I changed. But with time, I realised how essential it is to hang on to the softness in ourselves. There’s a lot of violence and sadness around us at all times. Pick up the newspaper and you have enough proof of that. But it takes a strong person to have softness and kindness in her heart, despite what life throws at her. Life can be strange and it can carry you like a current to places you can’t even imagine. But one must always remember that there is far less kindness in  the world than there should be and it’s up to us to spread more of it. So be the one who does that. If you find yourself hating the world, trust in the current of life to take you in the right direction for you and try to practice at least one act of kindness a day to make the world a better place.

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Outfit Details: Top – Primark|Skirt – Koovs.com| Necklace – Forever 21 India| Shoes – Adidas Superstars Dubai|Bag: Loca Chica Clutches (participate in my giveaway on social media to win it)| Earrings- Dior Dubai (check out Dlf Emporio, Delhi for their jewellery as well)|