Writing a post can be a daunting task especially when you’ve reached the point of saturation. Freely flowing text is a rare situation for me these days, which is why I’ve been going slow with my writing. I thought I had my writing style all figured out and I tried to stick to it. But I have this annoying habit of trying to change myself (at everything) to make myself pleasing to my audience. It’s only recently that I’ve managed to stop giving any F’s about anyone and to live for myself. So I ‘m going to write this post without editing anything and sticking to what comes straight from the heart.

When writing about the topic of styling a scarf, I must mention here that I’ve never been a fan of wearing one. I’ve always found scarves to be tedious and inconvenient. However, thanks to the store assistants at Emilio Pucci, I managed to learn that tying a scarf can be a form of art and one can get as creative with it as they like.

Styling outfits for a blog post is very different from everyday styling. More than just coming together, the outfit needs to picture well. I have written a post on the off – shoulder trend before and I wanted to take that up a notch this time. Ideally, the easiest way to style an off -shoulder top or dress is to wear it with a choker around the neck. But if you want to try something different and keep your look classic (something I always emphasize), then a scarf is a good option. I’m using a beautiful blue 100% Seta Silk Soie scarf from Emilio Pucci to style my look.

Take a look at these two simple styles I’ve tried in the pictures below –

Style 1

Wearing The Scarf Around Your Waist

It’s simple, sophisticated and it looks like you’re wearing a cool belt. Just tie your scarf with a simple knot around your waist and you’re good to go! It breaks through the monotony of the dress by adding a pretty pattern right through the centre.

Scarf Style 1

Scarf Style 2

Scarf Style 3

Scarf Style 4

Scarf Style 5

Style 2

Wearing the Scarf Around Your Neck

There are multiple ways to wear a scarf around your neck but I found this one to be especially suitable for an off – shoulder outfit. In this look, I simply created a loop around the neck and then secured the ends with a simple knot. You can choose to keep the knot in the centre but I would recommend you keep it on the side for a more classic sort of look. As you can see, the burst of colour around the neck not only adds to the glow of the face but it also manages to make the dress more attractive.

Scarf Style 6

Scarf Style 7

Scarf Style 8

Scarf Style 9

Scarf Style 10


Where to Shop – 

Dress- Stakbuylove.com

Scarf – Emilio Pucci (DLF Emporio, Delhi) 

Shoes – Ronnie Grey (GK -1, M Block Market)

Bag – Mango

Earrings – StyleFiesta.com

Watch – Michael Kors

Ring – Show Shaa

Hair Colour – Natural’s Salon, Malviya Nagar, Delhi

Hope you find this post useful! Until the next one. xx