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First of all, I would like to thank you all for the lovely compliments on the blog and for the appreciation that has been coming my way. I am grateful for your support as it encourages me to do my best in providing you with genuine and heart-felt reviews.

Today, I am going to write about a common issue that I keep hearing about from literally everyone that I come across – How to get rid of blemishes?  

Most of us were victims of acne during our teenage years and some, like me, got the shock of acne later on in life, popularly known as ‘adult acne’. Needless to say that I spent lots of hours and lots of money trying to get rid of this unwanted skin condition to the best of my abilities. After a couple of months of heavy-duty medication and a drawer full of ointments, I finally managed to get bump free skin! However, the joy was short-lived. I was so busy making my skin an even level that I forgot about the scars and blemishes that the acne would leave behind! But don’t you worry, as usual, it was The Body Shop that came to my rescue!

photo 2During one of my usual visits to The Body Shop store to pick up my favourite shower gel (read – the Shea Butter shower gel), I came across their Tea Tree Collection. The brand is a personal favourite of mine and I have been using several of their products for quite a few years (you can see a picture of all my personal favourites further down in the post).

Having extremely sensitive skin that had recently been under a lot of torture, I decided to go easy and pick up just the above two products for a trial. I love experimenting with face masks so I HAD to pick up the Tea Tree Face Mask and the Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion was a definite attraction since skin repair is at its highest at night!

After having used these products for a couple of months, I remembered why I had so much faith in this brand. The results were amazing and after months of covering my skin with all kinds of concealers, I was ready to step out, make up free once again!

*Please do note that all of The Body Shop products are created using natural raw ingredients that are sourced from Community Fair Trade suppliers from all over the globe and in this particular case, the Tea Tree oil used for manufacturing comes from the foothills of Mount Kenya.*

What’s so special about Tea Tree Oil you ask?

Tea Tree Oil is derived from the leaves of the Tea Tree (do not confuse this with the actual tea-plant that we use to brew black and green tea) that is commonly found in swampy areas such as the foothills of Mount Kenya. This particular oil has been used for thousands of years as an antiseptic for treating cuts and wounds, for treating various skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and many other conditions. Basically, the key ingredient in these particular products that I had purchased is known to be one of the best treatments for getting rid of impurities from the skin and to keep it blemish free!

Tea Tree Face Mask

photo 4

This amazing mask works by cleansing the skin, removing all dirt and impurities, followed by absorbing the excess oil while it soothes and refreshes the skin.

The great thing about this face mask is that the moment you apply it to your face, your skin starts to feel cool instantly and it sort of helps you to feel really calm and relaxed (brownie points for driving away the stress!)

photo 3Application

The mask has a paste like tendency and it spreads easily over your skin. I would recommend that you use this mask once or twice a week post cleansing with your regular face wash (though for best results I would recommend the Tea Tree Oil Face wash itself by the same brand). Just ensure that your regular face wash is not a creamy moisturising one if you are suffering from acne as you do not need to load your skin with more oil.

Apply the mask all over your face avoiding the lips and the eye area and let it stay on for say 5 – 10 mins for best results. Do note that you need not wait for this mask to dry on your skin like most other masks as it tends to retain its texture throughout application.


The moment I rinsed my skin, I felt instantly cleaner and maybe purer somehow? Okay, that came out a little wrong. It’s just that post rinsing, my skin felt beautifully cool and clean, as if the impurities had washed away instantly! Well in reality, it did take a month of regular usage to actually see the difference (as is the case with all the best products). But they were exactly what I was hoping for. I would definitely recommend it to everyone – even those lucky ones who are blessed with gorgeous blemish free skin (sigh, so jealous).

Up next – The Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

photo 5

Okay, so this product that you see here, this one became my actual ‘best friend’ for a while. I would forget to eat my meal (just kidding – who can forget to eat? Like seriously!) but never skip out on this. A month of regular usage and voila! My skin became much clearer and the blemishes had faded quite a bit.

photo (1)Application

As you can see from the image, the lotion is a lightweight gel – creme that with tremendous soothing properties (God bless The Body Shop for deciding to make this product). All you need to do is to apply a small amount to your entire face and your neck post your regular cleansing and toning routine and let the lotion set in. Being an antibacterial, the tea tree oil in the lotion works hard all night repairing the skin and thus getting rid of the blemishes. The best part? It leaves your skin looking matte! No more waking up to a greasy face 🙂


What more can I say? A month of regular usage and my skin was clean, smooth, relaxed, pure and blemish free! A DEFINITE must buy for anyone. As mentioned before, it is not restricted to people with acne issues. Feel free to use it even if you have oily but clear skin. However, I would not recommend it to people with dry skin as it may dry out your skin further (we do not want early wrinkles, do we?)

Also, you can continue using these products even when your skin becomes fine. Your skin will thank you constantly for these!

Price and Availability

The products are available at all of the brands outlets across India. Do check for availability  on the brand’s website (click on the brand name for direct link to The Body Shop webpage) if you are from a different country. Also, the face mask is priced at INR 995/- for a tub of 100 ml and the night lotion is for INR 995/- as well but for a bottle of 30 ml. Both quantities seemed sufficient to get me through a month or maybe even more (especially for the face mask).

Lastly, as promised, here are some of my favourite products by brand and I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do!

Shall write soon 🙂 x

photo 1

* All of the products mentioned in the post have been purchased with my own money and this is not a paid post*