Choosing the right lipstick can be a fun but time consuming task for most of us. Upon entering a make up store, most of us get overwhelmed by the variety of lipsticks in front of us. It is SO EASY to get lost in all those beautiful colours and that exciting packaging! The best part though? Most of us tend to pick out the colours that look the prettiest on the rack and start trying them on. After about 20 different trails and finding just one shade that kind of matches with our skin tone and a hundred questions thrown in the direction of our designated shopping companion, we tend to get exhausted and end up picking just that one shade. What a waste of time, isn’t it?Wouldn’t it be SO MUCH BETTER if you just had an idea of what to pick up in the first place?

Well, the key to making it all easier is to know your underlying skin tone. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy to determine. Your skin can either have a warm undertone or a cool one. In order to find that out, just take a look at the colour of your veins. If they appear to be blue, then you have a cool undertone and if they appear to be green, then you have a warm undertone. How simple is that?

Besides the types mentioned above, there is also another undertone, ie., neutral. Consider yourself lucky if you have a neutral undertone to your skin (by which I mean that the colour of your veins appears somewhere between blue and green). People with a neutral skin tone have the option of choosing between a wider range of colours when it comes to makeup, clothes, jewellery, you name it. They can carry of silver jewellery with as much ease as gold and they tend to look good in most colours.

 Now, for the next part – picking a lipstick colour according to the undertone.


So if you have a cool undertone to your skin, do ensure that the lipsticks you pick have a blue to purple undertone to them. Most bright reds and pinks and even a lot of berry colours have such an undertone. A lot of POP colours would probably fall into this category. You can also go for soft, muted neutrals with a mauve (pale purple) undertone. The key in this case is to go for extremes – either really soft colours with a mauve undertone or really bright ones with a blue – purple undertone. For someone with a darker skin colour, cool browns would also be a good choice.

 For example: MAC Please me, MAC Dangerously Chic, MAC Faux, MAC Girl About Town, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Mehr, MAC Diva.


MAC Please Me  *Picture from the MAC website*

MAC Diva *Picture from the MAC website*

MAC Ruby Woo *Picture from the MAC website*


Your best picks would be colours that look almost sunskissed! It’s all about the sandy neutrals, brick reds, rich wine, tangerine oranges, fire-y reds and all those deep warm colours for you.  

Example: MAC Viva Glam I, Maybelline Coral Crush, Dior Ara Red, Lakme 9 to 5 Red Coat, L’Oreal Paris Color Riche in Red Passion, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Carnival Spirit, L’Oreal Color Riche 456 Beige Crème.


MAC VIVA GLAM I *Picture from the MAC Website*


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Carnival Spirit *Picture from the Revlon Website*

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Red Passion *Picture from the L’Oreal Website*

  And lastly, if you have a neutral undertone, just go pick literally anything! Most of the colours out there will flatter your skintone J