When it comes to your wedding, finding a bridal makeup artist is not an easy task. You need to find someone who really knows your style, still makes you look like…well you, and manages to add that oomph so that when you enter your wedding its a ‘wow’ moment. So even though makeup trials help, how do you really check whether a trial has gone well or that a makeup artist is good at her job?  Well, we have some pointers.

  • Do Wear the same color as your lehenga to the trial

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If you have opted for a gorgeous bright orange lehenga, why don’t you go wearing a bright orange t -shirt to the trial, so you can then see if the makeup works for you against that color. It’s a neat hack to get as close to the real deal before the big day and also get a sense of what the makeup artist has in mind to co-ordinate with your clothes.

  • Check if the concealer settles into fine lines. 

Sure, that magic wand will erase all the pesty dark circles but there is nothing worse than a creasing concealer under your eye area and sometimes in the first go, you may not know which concealer will work best for you. So its important you get this out of the way.

  • Click a photo with and without flash and check for the following things

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Does your face look unnaturally white? Is your neck and face the same color ? Is there an excessive shine on the face (too much highlighter) , Is your face looking contoured? This last bit is important. With the advent of candid wedding photographers, you will be photographed from all sorts of angles- so make sure you look your best from every angle with the right type of contouring.

  • Does he/she make you feel comfortable

Makeup artists can become like BFFs’ on your wedding. They will be the there for the last few seconds when your nerves are frayed, and you feel a bit on the edge .So go ahead and make sure you are comfortable with your artist.

  • Check if the MUA primes or hydrates your lips

A good makeup artist will always hydrate and prime your lips before so that when that long lasting matte lipstick goes on, it doesn’t settle into fine lines.

  •  Do check if the Makeup Artist enquires about your skin

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A big part about base makeup is ensuring the right products for the right type of skin. Using a dry compact based foundation on dry skin is a terrible idea, and your  makeup artist should care about these things enough to ask you before hand and customise accordingly.

  • Do check if your eyes water with false lashes or heavy mascara

One of the most common things that happens- is eyes turning red and itchy with a particular brand of falsies or a certain kind of mascara. You need to ensure about these things before hand at your trial so you aren’t lost on the big day. In fact, always carry your fav mascara & kohl with you just in case the MUA’s doesn’t work out.

  • Pay attention to the products used

Kryolan, Mac, Bobbi Brown and other legit brands go a long way when it comes to Bridal makeup. However, be wary if a lot of the eyeshadow brands look like the ones you may not have heard of – or are local ones like Coastal Scents. They tend to have a lot of fallout and a good MUA will invest in good products

  • Don’t take your makeup off after the trial immediately

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A large part of checking a trial is ensuring your makeup lasts the entire day. Don’t hurry to take off your makeup. Instead, wait for about 4-5 hours and see how the makeup holds over time.

  • Read reviews online

Shortlist a few makeup artists and take a trial. If you do not have time for all, you can rather search for makeup artists in your preferences online and check their work. You can find Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi ,  Makeup Artists in Mumbai and other cities as well on WedMeGood. You can check their work, read genuine reviews from their past clients, check prices and availability, compare and then contact them.