KronocareHey Guys!

So this is a mini review of this really amazing hair oil that I managed to come across. I happened to be out in Hauz Khaz Village one of these days and I came across this really funky store called Lola’s World (it’s on the backside of the market right before Zo). Amongst all the cool and interesting stuff, there was a shelf dedicated to this brand called Kronokare. Being a compulsive shopper and a beauty junkie, I just HAD to check these out.

Reasonably priced with really cute descriptions, Kronokare products managed to find their place into my heart. To be on the safe side, I decided to stick to the small bottles. Although it was extremely difficult to pick from the wide and exciting variety with labels ranging from ‘Mediterranean Citrus’ to ‘Va Va Vanilla’, I decided to stick to a repairing hair oil for my extremely treated hair.

I picked up a 35 ml bottle of the ‘Anti – Turm’ Repairing Hair Oil which is a combination of Essential Oils such as Lavender & Mint mixed with some Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. Like all other products sold by Kronokare, this hair oil is completely natural and devoid of all harmful chemicals.


Simply massage a generous amount of this oil on your scalp and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash and condition as usual after that.


Lavender Oil and Mint Oil have some excellent reparative properties for your hair. Both lavender oil and mint oil are known to moisturise your hair and to promote hair growth. Additionally, regular use of these two helps to prevent a dry and flaky scalp so bye bye Dandruff! Also, mint oil has excellent cooling properties so when you apply this hair oil to your scalp, you can feel the coolness of the mint oil taking over and you immediately feel calmer. It even helps to get rid of headaches for that matter. The coconut oil in the mixture helps moisturise the scalp further so you have a win – win combination over all!

I would recommend that you use this product as often as possible to get the best results. My hair felt much ‘happier’ (I’m serious!), bouncier and more repaired post usage. So, according to me, this is a must try!

 Point to note: This is a very lightweight oil and its quite easy to wash off. However, do not expect any immediate changes in your hair. It will take some time for the damage in your hair to get repaired but you will experience all the other benefits of the oil quite fast. If you have extremely damaged hair, I would recommend that you go in for the more hardcore therapies involving mustard oil and heated coconut oil.

Availability and Price

Although available in a few stores across the country (read – Lola’s World in Hauz Khaz Village in Delhi, their head office in Lado Sarai again in Delhi and a couple of places in Mumbai), this product is also available online all across the country from the Kronokare website (click on the brand name for the direct link).  A 35 ml bottle of this product cost me INR 95. It comes in sizes of 100ml and 500 ml as well costing INR 245 and INR 1,195 respectively.

Do check out their entire range of skincare and haircare products on their website. They have some amazing Diwali hampers. I think I know what to give all my friends this year for Diwali! 🙂

*Please note that the product in this post is paid for by my own money and this is not a sponsored post*