I really admire people who can go the next level when it comes to experimenting with fashion. Not all of us have the courage to do that and for some of us, it doesn’t even make sense. I probably belong to the latter category. For me, fashion is about experimenting with the rules to the point where you still look graceful. Additionally, my love for minimalism hardly allows me to go overboard with my plans. At the end of the day, for me, it’s about the right balance between everything. Like I said, we all draw a line somewhere when it comes to experimenting, just that, for some others, the line is further off.

For this look, I wanted to turn this gorgeous evening cape from PoshPride into everyday wear. I mean, who said you can only look dressy at night? Having experimented with my look over years, I’ve figured out what works for my body type and what doesn’t. I know that crop tops are always going to be my first pick when it comes to tops. They really help accentuate my narrow waist. Owing to the fact that I have a pear shaped body, I stick to wearing A-Line skirts, Wide Leg pants and my current favourite – these high waisted pinstripe pants from Anomaly. As you can see, each part of my outfit (apart from my pink Adidas Superstars) can be dressed up formally. However, my choice in accessories and shoes allows me  to convert my look into something casual. Taking a break from fashion rules can be really worth it sometimes and I encourage you all to do that when you can. Sometimes you’ve got to quit thinking so much. If it feels right, it probably is. So go with it.

While you come up with something fun on your own, take a look at my pictures below for some inspiration-

Dark Pink 2

Dark Pink 3

Dark Pink 4

Dark Pink 5

Dark Pink 6

Dark Pink 7

Dark Pink 8

Dark Pink 1


Outfit: |Croptop: Stalkbuylove.com| Pants: Anomaly| Cape: PoshPride| Shoes: Adidas Superstars| Necklace: GK-1 M Block, Market| Earrings: From the collaborative event between Madsam Tinzin and Nimai|

Picture Courtesy: Palak Bohara (Instagram handle @palakbohara)

Location Courtesy: In and around Fio Cookhouse & Bar, Nehru Place