The wedding season is quite literally around the corner (for me, at least) and my life couldn’t be more hectic at the moment. With lots of late nights arising from the collective need to celebrate each day in the week preceding the weddings, my skin and hair look and feel like they’ve aged a 100 years or so in the process. Now obviously, I can’t have this happening to me right before the actual function days, right? So, people, if you feel my pain and want to fix yourself up for the big days, then like me, give these below mentioned 5 products a shot –

  • The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

Literally the best nourishing mask I’ve ever come across in the market! This baby takes about 10 minutes of my time to give me the deeply nourished look that my dry skin craves. Simply wash your face with a good face wash and follow up with the application of this mask. Ten minutes later, wipe it off with a clean, damp towel to get squeaky clean, baby soft skin. Also, always follow that up with a moisturiser to get best results.

Pick up a 75 ml bottle for INR 1,995/- from any of The Body Shop stores or shop their collection online by clicking here.

  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

Definitely something I need to keep my lips soft and plump during the wedding season. With the constant addition and removal of makeup multiple times a day, my lips tend to become dry and patchy. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm is just what I need in times like these to seal the deal.

Pick up a tube for INR 190/- from your local cosmetics store or shop here.

  • Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick Spray

With multiple events come multiple hair washes and heat applications to our delicate strands that cause the hair to look dry and fried. I’m not saying that this spray is the one shot deal to make your hair better, but this spray on conditioner works better than most serums in my opinion. I like to spray on just a bit on wet strands or even sometimes on dry strands to give my hair a moisture boost.

I usually order mine from Nykaa/Amazon. Shop yours by clicking here.

  • Kiehls Clearly Corrective White Hydrating and Clarifying Treatment Masque

Although this one’s a little on the expensive side, I can guarantee you that nothing works miracles like this sheet mask. Clean your skin at night (before bed) and apply this mask twice a week for 15-20 minutes. After removing it, do not wash off the residue; just sleep with it on. You’ll definitely wake up to better skin in the morning. Regular use helps get rid of blemishes as well!

Pick yours from here!

  • Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser                                                         

Last but not the least, I love this moisturiser cause it’s perfect for days when your skin is at it’s worst. It’s great for when you want to step out with glowing skin without working too much on it. I use the moisturiser in nude glow under my foundation and with a highlighter on top, my skin shines like there is no tomorrow!

Shop here for your own bottle!

Tell me your favourites in the comments section below!