Yesterday had been a day of firsts! A lot of interesting things happened (details of which I will share with you guys later) but the thing that was the most fun out of those was my FIRST ever visit to the brand new Call It Spring store in Delhi.

Conveniently located in DLF Promenade mall in Delhi, Call It Spring has a strong presence worldwide with with close to 400 locations in 27 countries across North America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America. A part of the Aldo group, Call It Spring too has a youthful and energetic vibe which is quite evident from the design and concept of the store.

Upon entering the store, I was immediately taken aback by the fun and playful environment that I found around myself. I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of the colourful bags, shoes and the funky accessories that were so attractively displayed around me. Being a very fussy shopper, I usually like to take a complete round of any store I walk into just to acquaint myself better with the products and to figure out what I would like to buy. I’m quite practical when it comes to spending money so I like to take my time to figure out if anything in the store is actually worth it’s value. However, after taking my first round around the Call It Spring store, I ended up with a bag full of stuff on my way out!

The brand really lives up to its name, in the sense, everything in the store immediately reminds you of Spring. The brightly coloured bags, the gorgeous shoes, quirky sunglasses and even the cute jewellery put me in a vacation mood! It’s the perfect store to head to in case you need to shop for some pre – vacation accessories. What I loved the most about the store was the fact that all the products were of the latest trends and were very conveniently priced. No wonder there was such a crowd at the store yesterday!

I took some pictures of the store to give you guys a little peak of it. I’m quite sure that once you go through them, you’ll head over to the store yourself!

Call It Spring 1

Call it spring 2

call it spring 12

call it spring 4
call it spring 21

call it spring 20

call it spring 11

call it spring 23


If you still need more convincing (really?), then take a look at how I styled some of the accessories from the store –

Look 1

I styled a complete stalkbuylove outfit with a necklace and earrings set from Call It Spring. To add a more fun element to the look, I paired it with a bright pink bag and a really cute pair of pink heels!

call it spring 19

call it spring 17

call it spring 16


call it spring 15

p.s. – how cute are these heels?

Look 2

For the second look, I decided to show you a more subdued outfit (compared to the first one) from and I decided to style it for a vacation look. Sigh, I really need a vacation after this one!

call it spring 7

An oversized hat, a cute bag and some simple yet flattering accessories were all I needed to get this one right!

Call it spring 6

call it spring 5

call it spring 9

call it spring 8

Call it spring 29

Of course, picking my favourite bag from all of these was no easy task!

call it spring 28


Tell me, is it just me or can you also not pick one pair from all of these gorgeous shoes?

call it spring 27

call it spring 26


Also, fear not guys! There’s something for you too over here. The store caters to both men and women so there’s tonnes of interesting stuff for guys. I loved how the display at the store was perfectly unisex. At least four men (and countless women) came in during the 15 minutes that I spent there.

call it spring 24

call it spring 25


call it spring 31

I really hope you guys liked the peek of the store. Head over to grab some of these beautiful bags and shoes before they run out! Meanwhile, I shall wear my new earrings from Call It Spring and go show them off to everyone!

Till the next one 🙂 x