For the second time this year, I decided to make my way back to Dubai for some quick shopping, good food and to tuck in a little vacation. Little did I know that the trip would hardly count as a holiday. Few days in, my fiancé and I caught the flu and were subject to bed rest for the rest of the trip. However, in between the continuous series of chills followed by sweats, I did manage to make several short trips to the Dubai mall to pick up cosmetics as usual. I must mention here that a lot of cosmetic brands are more expensive in Dubai than anywhere else in the world. It can be quite a pain when you want to pick up something as basic as foundation and have to pay almost double the price for it in Dubai as you would in, say, the US. But factoring in the costs of the ticket to go there or the duties I would have to pay if I were to import these products to India, it comes around to the same. So here’s a lowdown on some of my favourite beauty picks from this trip –

  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji

Dubai Makeup 1There is a reason why NARS is lusted for by literally every girl across the planet. This foundation now occupies a very high rank in my list of top 10 foundations. The coverage is far superior to any I have ever seen and it leaves my skin feeling nourished. I cannot emphasise enough on the glow it leaves on my face for the entire time it’s on. However, I must mention here that it is slightly thick in consistency and is suitable primarily for dry skin like mine. You can try out their All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation if you need something lighter.

Dubai Makeup 5

Dubai Makeup 6

As you can see from the images above, this foundation is quite easy to apply. I use a damp beauty blender to spread it across my face and neck for a luminous, well blended application. It helps to create the perfect base for the rest of my makeup. I personally spent a fortune on this one cause I couldn’t get over the flawless finish. I would suggest you get a friend or relative to pick up several bottles of it from the US on their next visit!

Some NARS products are available through genuine sellers although at very high prices.

Click here to purchase NARS cosmetics in India.

Price: 30 ml – AED 225-275 (~INR 4,530) or US $45 (so you see the price difference?)

  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard

Dubai Makeup 4

A good concealer is a must have in your makeup bag. A foundation can help create a flawless finish but its the concealer that puts in the final touch. Not only can you use it to cover your dark circles (use a colour corrector first if you have bad ones), but also to illuminate the under eye area. I like to apply it along the length of my nose, centre of my forehead, upper lip and the centre of my chin as well to get a little illumination going on in these areas as well.

dubai makeup 7

Dubai Makeup 8

As you can see from the above pictures, after applying the concealer in the desired areas, I simply blend it well with a beauty blender to get a flawless coverage. As I’ve mentioned above, it’s a little steeply priced in Dubai but it’s definitely worth it.

Overall, I love how flawless and creamy my face looks after applying the foundation and concealer duo!

Click here to purchase NARS concealer in India.

Price: 6ml – AED 170-180 (~INR 3,200) or US $29

  • Two Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Beach

Dubai Makeup 3

Okay, despite how much I dislike sappy, girly things, I have to admit that TWO FACED products are so cute! Their packaging is absolutely adorable and since the products are cruelty free, I became an instant fan of them. I usually stick to warm colour for a blush since that suits my skin tone beautifully. I love how this particular one has three different warm tones that combine to give your cheeks a warm flush with a light highlighter like glow. However, since the colours are highly pigmented, a single sweep of the brush is enough to give you the right amount of colour.

Dubai Makeup 9

Two Faced products are all about having fun with tonnes of glamour thrown in. Do check out their products the next time you come across them on your travels. There are a few companies (on Instagram) that sell all of these internationally available cosmetics in India but I cannot guarantee their genuineness. However, some Two Faced products are available in India through trusted websites like

Click here to shop Two Faced Cosmetics in India.

Price: AED 148 or INR 2,682.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Kathryn

Dubai Makeup 2

This one is something I’d been lusting for, for a LOOONG time. The liquid lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cult favourite. An intensely pigmented lipstick that lasts the entire day and does not come off even when you’re drinking or eating! Trust me on this one. I had three glasses of red wine and the lipstick did not come off!

Dubai Makeup 10


I love the deep plum colour of this one but I wanted to buy literally all of the colours they had! Since it makes your lips a little dry, I suggest you keep a balm handy and moisturise your lips before and after the application. My makeup artist for my ‘roka’ ceremony used a deep blue-toned red from the same collection and thats when I knew I had to get my hands on these liquid lipsticks. Just so you know, the brand offers worldwide shipping of the same at a flat rate of US $17.95.

Click here to shop Anastasia Beverly Hills Products.

Price:AED 108 (~INR 1,957) or US $20.

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading about my current favourite purchases from Dubai.

Till the next one x