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I’m here with a post that is very close to my heart and it’s something I’ve been waiting to share with you guys for a while.

This one is slightly different from my usual fashion posts as it covers another topic – Fitness. I’ve been into fitness for the last thirteen years of my life and it’s something that has played a major role in my everyday life. I’ve always had a poor metabolism and I’ve genuinely felt that I’ve had to work twice the amount as any other person I’ve known in my life to achieve half the results of what a person with a normal metabolism would. Over the years, I’ve tried multiple forms of workout and done my best to not give up. I’ve had some amazing months (when I was younger), when my body’s been in a great form and a lot more of those years when I’ve had to struggle. Even with all the workout and diet in the world, my weight wouldn’t budge but all the extra stress on my body from the extreme workouts was taking a toll on me. I’m finally learning to love my body just the way it is and give it more and more love each day. Thanks to that, I’m actually enjoying my workouts more and not getting worked up at the thought of them anymore.

It was during this journey to self-love that I met Jia Singh of the blog – Wandering for Wellness and she introduced me to the Pilates. We heard of Red Mat Pilates studio in Nirvana Country, Gurgaon and decided to give it a shot.

Being a fashion blogger, my first thought obviously was –

What am I going to wear?

This one was a tricky question since when it comes to fashion for fitness, not only do you have to look into the style aspect but you also have to ensure that your outfit facilitates your workout.

Most of us don’t enjoy the privilege of having a personal trainer come over. Instead, we end up going to a public gym to workout. If you’re someone who likes to dress well on a general basis, then why should you have to compromise when you go workout, right?

This got me thinking and Jia and I made some quick visits and calls to H&M, Nike and Koovs to pick up some fashionable workout gear.

The first bit that we needed to take care of was to find a well fitting sports bra. Good quality, supportive underwear is very essential to invest in if you are planning to partake in some intensive physical activities. The aim is to support the breast muscles to ensure that they do not tear or rupture and to prevent your breasts from loosing shape. As you will see from the pictures below, I found a super cute, pink and grey sports bra at Nike for around INR 1,850/-. It has an excellent fit and provides ample support. You can also find cheaper options on Koovs and more basic ones at Forever21.


For some exercises, it’s easier to work with just a bra on but for others, its nice to have a light cover up, especially if you are more conscious about your body. Invest in a good quality tank top that not only provides proper coverage but is light weight, quick to dry and allows for breathability. Most of the athletic stores will be equipped with such garments. You might feel that you’re paying a bomb for your workout gear but I cannot emphasise enough on the quality and the benefits of good quality fitness garments. Basic cotton t-shirts just don’t cut it. They tend to soak up your sweat and become heavy with it and literally hang on your body after that.


Fitness garments are made with special polyester blends and Lycra fabric that possess a quality called wicking. What that means is that such garments ‘wick’ the moisture (aka sweat) away from your skin by absorbing it and spreading it across the fabric thus keeping your body cool and comfortable. This is something that is really essential as it enhances your performance during your workout as well. The pants that I found were also made of similar material.


What I loved the most about shopping for my fitness garments was that, these days, fitness brands take great care to make outfits that are fashionable and that ensure that you do not end up looking drab even when you’re sweating it out. Nike turned out to have a fantastic collection of sports bras with various prints and bright colors. Although I wasn’t aware of this before, but their collection is also available to shop on Koovs!


What I loved the most about such outfits was that the bright colors really helped me get in the mood to workout. Good pumped up music and a bright coloured outfit can really add to the motivation to workout. This is why most of the workout gear you see in the market is extremely colourful.


Since Pilates is a form of workout that requires you to work both on machines and on the mat, it becomes essential to ensure that your garments allow you ample freedom of movement. From my personal experience, stick to wearing pants instead of shorts when you’re working on the mat as you don’t want your skin to stick to the mat from all the sweating (which is going to be quite a lot). It’s quite an intensive form of workout and has several benefits that you can derive by practicing it regularly. Jia discusses a lot about the fitness benefits from Pilates in her post. You can check it all out by visiting the link below –


Anyway, once we were ready with our outfits, the next thing to ensure was that our skin is free of any makeup. While we’re working out, our sweat causes our pores to open up to get rid of all the toxins in our body. Lingering make up on the skin can cause blockage of pores thus leading to acne. So girls, make sure you wash and keep your skin perfectly clean when you are working out. Jia and I then headed over to Red Mat Pilates studio to begin our session with the fantastic trainer and owner of the studio called Taru Chaddha. It’s one of the few studios in the city with a reformer and a cadillac machine, both of which are much in demand for their physiological benefits.


After two hours of shooting/ working out, I felt like a new person! My muscles felt sore but I was quite fresh, just like a baby after a nap. Read more about our workout by heading over to Jia’s post (link shared above).

Take a look below at a few more pictures from our shoot –





Guys this was definitely an experience I encourage all of you to enjoy. Taru’s a fantastic instructor with ample patience and experience to add to her credit. Do visit Red Mat Pilates if you are in Gurgaon and ensure that you take an appointment with Taru before you do go. You can book your appointment online by visiting their website. Please refer to the ‘About’ section below for contact details.

So anyway, pick out your fancy work out gear and lets all get fit together!

Location Courtesy – Red Mat Pilates, Gurgaon

Models – Urvashi Kumar and Jia Singh

Outfit Credit – H&M India, Koovs and Nike

Photo Credit – Dhruv Sethi

About –

Taru Chaddha is the founder & chief instructor of RedMat Pilates, Gurgaon. RedMat Pilates is Gurgaon’s top Pilates studio for Women and it has been bringing the joy & benefits of Pilates to Gurgaon women across all age groups and fitness profiles for the last 3 years.

Taru founded her company  RedMat Fitness & Wellness Services in 2013 under which she runs her Studio brand RedMat Pilates. At RedMat Studio, she conducts Matwork and Reformer sessions which are the amongst the most sought after programs at the Studio. She and her team of trainers passionately conduct more than 25 sessions a week of Mat & Equipment Pilates, Weight Loss Pilates, Yogalates, Pre Natal Yoga and private sessions for women with special needs.

Additionally, she is also a certified matwork & reformer teacher from the STOTT school Canada and qualified to teach on Pilates studio equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel ), all pieces of Pilates small equipment and special populations including ante/post natal.taru chadhha 2

Taru also holds a Bachelors in Science and Post Graduate in Management.


714, 7th Floor, Tower C Nirvana Courtyard, Nirvana Country, Sector 50, South City II, Gurgaon, Haryana 122018.


099587 38417




The monthly plans start at 4500 for Matwork and 7500 for Reformer Work. Special sessions like Yogalates, Weight Loss Pilates, Pre Natal are priced differently but are in the same range. Privates are from Rs 2000 per hour.