Don’t get carried away by the title thinking that I am some kind of ageist. This is more about how MY experience has changed in the blogging world over the last few years. First of all, lets raise a toast to the fact that ‘The Right Shade of Red’ is now 3 years old! No, I don’t recall the exact date that it started but I do remember that it was around the end of August. So yay to three years of blogging!

When I started off, I was just about 25, fresh out of my second job, pursuing a diploma in fashion designing for Indian wear from NIFT Delhi. I could still relate to myself as a college girl at that point and I genuinely felt that I could connect with average Indian girls aged 18-25. JUST 3 years later, I feel that my personal dressing sense has gone through a major change. Maybe it has something to do with my growing sense of personal awareness. I think that after a certain point in your twenties, you tend to become more aware of your nature and tend to accept yourself a lot more for who you are. When I started off, I was still figuring out my personal style which is why you might have seen a lot of different types of looks coming up. I wasn’t lucky enough to have figured out my personal preferences that early on and neither am I saying that I already have. But I’m definitely closer to being in that place. Fashion blogging for me has now become more about my personal style and encouraging my readers to discover their own. It’s about projecting myself and my views through my style and communicating to people what I am unable to say in words.

My blog is an extension of myself, of how I am feeling inside and communicating the same to my readers. It’s about enjoying the feeling of knowing yourself a little more and finding your confidence in your body. As a young girl, I used to read a lot of books where the author would always talk about women so confident of themselves that it radiated in their body language. Women so elegantly dressed that it seemed like their style was something that only God could gift. I longed for the day that I could feel that way and become that woman. I may not have gotten there, but I am more confident of myself today than I was 3 years ago.

What I am trying to say is that with every new phase of my personal growth, my tastes will mature and my likes and dislikes will change. This will eventually affect my work by connecting me with a different set of audience with each phase and hopefully, my audience, who have stuck around with me the last three years, will find it in themselves to relate to the new me.

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