Tell me something, how many of you use eyeliner and kajal on a regular basis? I’m pretty sure that the answer to that one is a LOT of you. There are lots of beauty brands that sell various kinds of eyeliners and kajal sticks and I’m pretty sure that between all of us, we must have covered the whole lot.

From kajal sticks that cause allergies to ones that bleed and smudge, I’ve been through it all. So, in my search for a new one, I was introduced to the Faces MagnetEyes Kajal. As said on the face of the product, this kajal is waterproof, smudge proof and dermatologically tested. My main purpose was to see whether this actually helps my eyes look ‘magnetic’.

Here’s a breakdown of my experience with the same –


Faces is a Canadian cosmetic brand launched in Toronto in 1974. The brand has been involved in the manufacture of an exclusive line of makeup, skincare products and personal care accessories for a span of over 40 years and it is now spreading its presence internationally. It was launched in India in January 2009 and it has now reached at least 35 cities of India.

Please note that Faces as a brand does not believe in animal testing.



Unlike most other kajal sticks that have a black colored body, this one comes in a red plastic body of 0.35 gms with white text on it. Although it’s cute and different, I personally feel that the look of the product could’ve been a little more ‘magnetic’ with reference to the name and the purpose of the kajal.

Application and Usage

It’s quite easy to apply and the color comes on smoothly. As you can see from the image, it has a very smooth, dark, crayon like look on application and hence, it definitely achieves its purpose of making my eyes look large and ‘magnetic’ (yay! Purpose achieved). Since I’ve been using it for a while and I have not had any allergies from it, I give it thumbs up in that department too.


The only thing I felt though was that it was not as waterproof as I expected it to be. When I washed my face with my kajal on, quite a bit of it smudged under my eyes. I have used other kajal sticks before and even some of the ones that are not waterproof tend to smudge less. So that is something that needs to be looked into.

Other than that, the kajal lasts all day long and I quite like how it looks on my eyes and makes them appear so round and nice!


Price and Availability

I personally feel that it’s quite reasonably priced since a 0.35 gms pencil is for INR 175. That’s quite reasonable compared to a lot of other brands out there. So another thumbs up from me here as well.

You can get these all over the country in select cosmetic stores and you can order these online as well from the following website (subject to availability) –


Overall, I would definitely recommend that you try it out for the ‘magnet eyes’ look but if you do decide to wash your face with it on, make sure you carry some make up remover and wipes with you just in case. 🙂