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Outfit Details –  top (Koovs.com) ; Pants (H&M India); Clogs (Zara India); Jewellery (My Envy Box); Watch (Michael Kors); Makeup (Lancôme & MAC)

If you’re looking for something smart to wear this summer, then you can always go for something fitted like I am wearing in this post. I like how structured garments have that immediate effect of making one look well dressed. Darker colours also add to the look by making one look slimmer. Minimal, but eye catching jewellery and bright red lipstick are all one needs to complete the look. Also, I’m madly in love with my new clogs from Zara India! They’re the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve worn in a while. So despite the fact that my outfit is far from regular, it’s definitely one of the most comfortable ones I’ve work in a while. In fact, I actually spent two hours cooking in this attire after my shoot! It was definitely a funny sight for anyone who walked into the kitchen, but I was really enjoying myself. I enjoy being well dressed whether I’m at home or when I’m working out. So if you, like me, enjoy pairing simple pieces with maximum impact, keep these tips in mind!