IMG_8561Hey you guys!

So I recently posted about the MSM box on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Here’s a view into a what was inside the box!

First of all – What is the MSM Box?

MSM actually stands for My Style Mile which began as a beauty and fashion blog in 2012. With a complete focus on providing it’s readers with high quality content on the latest trends in fashion and the best beauty products, the box later (October 2014) developed as a means to providing the same to its subscribers. So a few months ago, MSM launched the My Style Mile Box as a means of delivering choice beauty products right at your doorstep! With two different categories under it’s hood, MSM caters to all kinds of budgets. The box in the above picture is the MSM Express Box available at a monthly subscription of INR 495/- (don’t you just love that colour?). Besides this box, the company also supplies the MSM Select Box  (in a Gold colour) for a monthly subscription of INR 995/-. Please note that they deliver across the country at no additional costs!

My Experience

So I received my MSM Box within two days of placing my order. The packaging inside was as simple and pretty as the one on the top. Inside were the following contents –IMG_8695

A note from the MSM Team

A voucher for a Coffee and a Macaron at select L’Opera outlets (wheee!)

Gift voucher worth INR 500 to be used at any Looks Salon in Delhi and NCR!

A Capsule Recipe Face Pack by Innisfree along with a little card describing it’s contents and usage.

A 30 ml bottle of Turmeric and Indian Rose with Forest Honey Face Wash from Soul Tree Cosmetics.

A 30 ml bottle of Apricot Oil & Honey with Kokum Butter Moisturiser from Soul Tree Cosmetics.

A Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm from Soul Tree Cosmetics

A tea bag of organic green tea and and one of organic ginger green tea from Organica

Need I remind you that ALL of this was for just INR 495/- ?

I strongly feel that this particular box was value for money for me. I mean I would easily spend INR 500/- just having a cup of coffee and a macaron at L’Opera! Also, I love the little 30 ml packs of the Soul Tree Cosmetics as I feel that they are just the right sized for samples and I can use them a few times to actually ascertain how good or bad these particular products are for my skin. Did I mention that they also customise your box based on your age? So while you place an order or your box, they ask you for your age group in order to customise the box to your needs. In my opinion it is a good effort by any brand to personalise it’s products for its customers. Certainly helps build a better image for it.


Considering that SoulTree and Innisfree (Korean) are highly reputed brands known for the quality of their products, I’m assuming that the next month’s box will have equally interesting brands as well. I especially feel that the gift vouchers are highly useful and I cannot wait to get my next pedicure at a Looks Salon!

The essential fact that comes into play when subscribing to a beauty box/bag is the kind of products for the value of money. I mean subscribing to a service for a while (even if it’s three months), can be an investment and I’m sure that no one would want to receive an unnecessary reminder of an investment gone bad every month! However, for me, MSM was true to it’s tagline – A lot in a little. The variety and the quantity of products really took me by surprise. Not only does the box provide skincare products but it also provides green tea (Ima be a sucker for green teaaaa!). 

I suggest that you do give the MSM Box a chance and discover it’s goodness for yourself. Oh did I mention that they also have a limited edition MSM Box for Men? So ladies, if you subscribe to the MSM Box for a period of 6 months by the 31st of January 2015, you get a limited edition MSM Box for Men absolutely free! Hellowww! That might just solve some of your Valentine’s Day gifting dilemma!

Anyway, here’s hoping to an equally fantastic box next month!

Also, you can order your MSM Box right here.

As usual, thank you all for your constant love and support 🙂 Keep writing to me and I will do my best to post about your favourite products.

Till the next one 🙂 x