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I’m here with a really interesting post on my new WEBSITE! (ah huh :P). Hope you guys like what I’ve done with it (by myself just by the way!) and are finding it quite user friendly.

Anyway, I’m sharing this post here with you guys to tell you all about my experience with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula.

Personally, I’ve been a fan of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (Solid form) for years now and I still recall asking every relative visiting me from the US to bring me a tub of the same. The beautiful smell of cocoa butter and the amazing softness of skin that I used to experience post application had me addicted to this particular product for years! So you can imagine how relieved I was once it became available in India.

I recently had the chance to use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion (as can be seen in the image below) and I think I recall why I loved this product so much in the first place.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion in 250 ml

Palmer’s (owned by E.T. Browne Drug Company) is considered to be the #1 brand for cocoa butter in the world. The revolutionary brand has a strong presence in market segments such as skincare, pregnancy, hair care etc and in addition to it’s famous ‘Cocoa Butter’ line, it also has a ‘Shea Butter’ line, ‘Olive Butter’ line,  ‘Olive Oil’ line and ‘Coconut Oil’ line amongst some others. Also, please note that this product is Paraben (preservative) free (yay!) so it’s definitely much better for your skin than most other creams and lotions out there.


IMG_0483As you can see from the images above, the lotion comes in a simple, white 250 ml bottle that has a very easy to open flip cap. Also, it’s super easy to control how much of the lotion you want to squeeze out at any point. The colours and the look of the bottle are very traditional ‘Palmer’s’ and super old school. I like the look as I feel it’s quite simple but professional at the same time. I also feel that it inspires confidence in the ability of the product to deliver results. Hence, I’m glad that the brand has retained it’s look over the years.

Application & Usage

It’s extremely simple to use. Like I’ve mentioned above, it’s very easy to squeeze out and you can control the amount that you need. The formula is light yellow in colour comes out in the form seen below in the image.

IMG_0485The lotion is not very thick like the solid version of this product and spreads easily upon application. The best part for me is how nourished my skin feels post application. The lotion soaks into the skin easily without making it sticky or mucky (definite yes!) and stays on for a while (though not 24 hours as guaranteed on the bottle). However, I do wish the product would’ve lasted longer than the 6 hours that it did (not bad though?). Regular application (preferably right after a bath) should help in making your skin much smoother after a while. Although I generally use the solid version of this product all winter to soothe my dry skin, I think the body lotion is perfect for the summer. It’s not too heavy on the skin and can be used by all skin types (not on the face though guys!).

Please note that the lotion ‘soothes’ scars and marks and it does not ‘erase’ them completely. It’s a deeply hydrating formula and it works on your scars by hydrating the dried skin on your scars and thus makes them appear less ‘apparent’.

The Vitamin E present in the lotion also helps your skin by maintaining it’s barrier’s oil balance and helps in healing any damage caused from exposure to the sun.

IMG_0486Pricing and Availability

You might find it in a large pharmacy around you but you can also order it online from www.amazon.in. A 250 ml bottle of this product is available for INR 425 (inclusive of all taxes) and trust me when I say this, this bottle will last you almost the entire summer!

It’s been about 9 hours since my last application and I can still smell a hint of cocoa butter on myself! So, ladies and gentleman, start shopping! 🙂

IMG_0482Until the next one 🙂 x