Hey guys! Here’s another fun styling post for you.

So basically, when it comes to styling my outfit, my preferences vary from day to day. I’ll probably channel vintage vibes one day and sporty the next. So as you can see, I was channeling my inner bohemian the other day and I decided to do a styling post on that.

What do I mean by Bohemian? Well, the original Bohemians were travellers or refugees from central Europe and the French ‘bohémien’ translates to Gypsy. I’ve always associated the term with the ability to express yourself freely, to feel deeply, to live life on your own terms and without any limits. Your style is an expression of yourself and your thoughts. So when you tend to style your attire in a Bohemian manner, you’re essentially communicating a certain depth in your thoughts, an ability to understand things in a more profound manner and a certain freedom that comes from a mind open to learning and understanding without limitations.

        Basically – Your mom thinks you’re a Hippie.

Anyway, I attempted to create a Boho – Chic look here (stylish yet relaxed). You can attempt to create something similar as well by looking into the following things –

       How to Create a Boho – Chic Look?

  1. This look is all about looking natural and channeling your individuality. However, you can always wear flowy clothes like skirts, dresses, flowy shirts etc. to achieve this look.
  2. Earthy tones with splashes of bright colors work well to compliment this look.
  3. The best way to accessorize your feet is with no – fuss sandals and lots of funky anklets.
  4. Try keeping your hair as close to natural as possible. Wavy and curly hair work beautifully. You can also try making braids around your scalp or like me, just wear a head turban (To learn how to do the same refer to my pin called ‘Hairstyles’ on my Pinterest page @RightShadeofRed for my recommended tutorials). Flowers in the hair also look amazing!
  5. Try maximizing on the accessories. Lots of jewelry such as anklets, bracelets, rings, and dangling earrings look best with this look. You can even take accessorizing to the next level by wearing belts, headbands, and clips.
  6. Try to keep your makeup as natural as possible. The point is to create an effortless, no –fuss look without looking washed out. Lipsticks in natural colors or just a plain lip balm can work. Just make sure that your makeup does not look cakey.
  7. Work with fringe! Carry a fringe bag or even a fringe top or skirt would work well with this look!


Outfit Details are right at the end!












Outfit Details

Dress: 20 Dresses (

Scarves: My mother’s closet 😛

Belt: Zara India

Shoes: Tory Burch

Sunglasses: (

Bracelets: Local shop in Rishikesh

Rings: Red Stone Ring – Amrapali Jewels

Coloured Metal Ring – Local shop in Kathmandu

Necklaces: Love necklace – Accessories Delhi

Name Necklace – Pipa Bella (

Till the next one 🙂 x