Biggest Hair & Beauty Trends of 2016



2015 has been a year full of drama when it comes to hair and beauty and thanks to all the craziness at the NYFW, the drama is likely to continue into 2016. It seems like Blue is the colour of the season and bold lips are definitely rocking the ramp. Throw in natural, un – groomed hair and you’re definitely pulling off the look of the season. Take a look at some of the trends that seem to be taking over the beauty world recently –

  • Ima Be Feeling Blue


Source: www.aelida.com

No, I’m not talking about the band (thankfully). But the colour might become the highlight of the season for much longer than the actual band. Whether you choose to colour your entire eyelid with a blue eyeshadow or just simply line your eyes with it, make sure that the colour pops. You can even wear it on your lips or pull it off as a part of some tropical look. Just include it.

  • Keeping It Bold


Source: www.motivescosmetics.com

If blue lips aren’t your thing, no need to worry. Good old red/pink lips are still quite popular. Just pull off a clean face with bold lips and you’re ready to go. This look calls for minimal make up with a pale face so you can even skip on the blush. Just let your lips do the talking!

  • Au Natural


Source: www.theeverygirl.com

Oh this one is a personal favourite. I’ve never been a fan of my natural locks owing to their unruly structure. Being a fan of straight hair (and for the lack of good hairdresser), I’ve tried multiple different ways of straightening my locks. From re-bonding to a Brazilian blow –dry, I’ve been there, done that. But thanks to the current trend (and my newly discovered hair dresser), I’m trying to love my natural hair a little more. It’s all about expressing your individuality. Razor sharp cuts on un-textured wavy hair are doing the rounds right now. Let your hair be. Skip the product and even the blow dry. Share your wavy-ness with the world!

  • Glitterati


Source: www.skinnymetea.com.au

Yes ladies, glitter is back in trend! I know we all have horrifying memories from our childhood where we boldly spread glitter all over the face in an attempt to look grown up for that childhood crush. But no need to fear, ‘Red’ (me) is here and I’m going to tell you the exact way to include glitter in your make up routine. Wear it on your nails or smear it all over your face, that’s up to you. Just make sure the look is angelic. How about keeping the face completely nude with just some glitter thrown around on the eyelids or stuck to the ends of your eyebrows? Sounds a little daunting, does it? Then just keep the eye shadow nude and stick on some glitter sparingly for a soft and subtle look.

  • Headgear, Headgear, Headgear


Source: www.thefrisky.com

Just cause you’re going au natural with the hair, it doesn’t mean that you need to skip out on the embellishments. Put on a cute hairband or tie on some scarves, that’s your pick. Some cute pins on your head = instant chic.

  • Bang it Hard


Source: www.nastygal.com.au

Bangs are back ladies! Cute bangs that frame the face and ponytail braids are really trendy at the moment. Go experiment with these to add a cute quirk to your look.

  • Glow Like a Light Bulb


Source: www.coveteur.com

No need to contour like crazy this year. Pick one part of your face, say your cheekbones and lightly contour just that. Instead, kick it up a notch with a liquid highlighter or what I personally prefer – lip-gloss. Some gloss on your cheekbones, some on your eyelids and you’re raring to go!


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