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I’m back with my review of two incredible products by two incredible brands – Benefit and Mac Cosmetics.

So we all know HOW difficult it is to find a good base for make up. I mean, I have been using make up for a long time now yet I am unable to find a good foundation! I have tried all forms of foundation from liquid to mousse and dry powder foundation in an effort to narrow down on the one form that will suit me best.

My search finally led me to these two products that I feel I can finally stick to for a while (I’m a compulsive shopper… so yeah..uhm).

Benefit and mac


Anyway, the first one in this picture is Benefit’s ‘Some kind – a gorgeous’ foundation faker in medium shade (this shade being the most suitable for my skin tone.

benefit close up


As usual, all benefit products have very quirky and fancy packaging. As you can see, this compact comes in a cute round box shaped like an old school compact disc. A definite plus point for attracting customers like me who get swayed in by cute packaging  (aww so cute! LET’S BUY IT :D).

messy benefit


If you look closely at the above picture, you can see a creamy sort of paste that can be applied to your face with either a sponge (provided inside) or with your fingers for selective application. It provides light & creamy coverage to your face without making it look cake-y or oily for that matter!


 I’m sure you can also see from the above image that the product can be slightly messy (considering the stains on the outer surface of the box). It does not sink into your skin like most foundations and I’m in constant fear of leaving traces of it on my cellphone or any other material that touches my face. Also, it gives slight to medium coverage. So in case you have blemishes on your skin, you will need a nice concealer (try Fake It by Benefit) prior to using this product. Please note that the product runs out fast (two weeks tops if you use it once a day) so you might want to stock up on the same.

However, it’s perfect for a light and illuminated complexion that gives a healthy glow!

The next product that I had the good fortune of trying out was Mac’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in shade NC40 (for a medium to fair complexion).

mac close up

Note: This product is a definite go – to if you’re into professional make up!


If you have ever shopped at Mac before, I’m sure you would have noted that all Mac cosmetics come in very simple packaging. The simplicity of this product makes it look quite professional in fact.


As you can see from the picture, the box has a powder based foundation inside with a sponge applicator for full coverage (yes, it does in fact provide COMPLETE coverage – bye-bye ugly zits!) The only thing- dose up on the moisturiser before you use this cause it can leave your skin looking slightly dry post application.


 Yes, it has a few small ones here and there. My major concern is the dry and slightly made up look that it leaves on my face. I usually use a few drops of moisturiser to cover my cheeks and nose post application as I have very dry skin and I would not want it to appear any drier! This too leaves a little bit of itself on my cellphone every time I bring it close to my face but unlike its competitor, it does not come off completely. Your skin remains as perfect looking as it did before you got that phone anywhere near your face!

All in all, I trust this product completely for my daily usage.

Final Verdict: Use them together like I did! Cover up with Mac’s Studio Fix and touch up your cheeks, nose and the centre of your forehead with Benefit’s ‘Some kind – a gorgeous’ Foundation Faker for a glowing and perfect complexion 🙂

me post both products

PS: All products in this post are purchased from my own money and this is NOT paid – for post.