Hey you guys!

So I’m finally back with a beauty related post. Hope you guys have been enjoying my fashion styling posts.

A lot of people keep asking me about my curls and how I make them everyday. I have very wavy hair so it’s easy to convert it into curls with just a bit of hair product. If you have straight hair, then don’t expect your hair to become as curly as mine but you will be able to sport beach-y waves for a while!

My Ritual

I’ve been using hair mousse for a while to maintain my curls (Bamboo Hair Mousse – Paraben and SLS free). But it usually leaves my hair a little hard and glossy post usage. My hairdresser recently introduced me to the L’Oreal Wild Stylerz Gel in ‘Scruff Me‘. It’s quite a cool product actually. I just have to use a minimal amount to make my curls and it doesn’t leave my hair looking dry or glossy. In fact, my hair looks pretty much normal after using it.  It maintains my curls for about 24 hours (as it says on the bottle as well) but it has a very medium level hold which means that lying down on your hair can ruin the spirals a little. So you might want to be careful if you’re planning to do your hair the night before! Anyway, check out the pictures below to see how I use it-

1) What you see below is my regular hair post wash. I’ve simply finger combed my hair after a wash to apply the product in my hair.




2) Take a small amount of the gel on your hand depending on your hair length. The bottle is very easy to use. You can even lock the cap after using it.


3) Spread the gel through the lengths of your hair (not the roots) and scrunch it lightly from the bottom.



4) So here’s what my hair looks like right after application and scrunching.


Post application, just leave your hair to air dry to get nice messy waves/curls!

Availability and Price

You can get a bottle of this from most salons that use L’Oreal products. I bought mine from Korum salon in Gk- 1, New Delhi. A 150 ml bottle of this gel will cost you around INR 700/- and depending on your hair length, it should last you a while!

Hope you guys find this useful! Till the next one 🙂 x