I wouldn’t call myself a complete traditionalist as I do enjoy a certain level of fusion in my attire. Add a bunch of bright colours to that and I’m good to go! The main thing that attracts me to any outfit though (as I’ve mentioned a gazillion times before) is its silhouette. So now you know my weakness! A well cut piece of fabric in a bright colour with a mix of traditional and modern prints is all it takes for me to buy an outfit. Gulaal Creations certainly fulfils all my requirements.

I love how the brand produces a beautifully printed riot of colours in western silhouettes. What I admire a lot about Gulaal Creations is the ability of the brand to give a modern twist to our culture by  meshing Indian fabrics and prints with different silhouettes from across the world. Hailing from the heart of Rajasthan, Gulaal Creations is all about infusing colours into our lives through comfortable and quality fashion.

Fashion, according to me, is not only creating something new but also looking at what exists, in a new light. If we continue to stick to what is in the past, we stand to loose a lot of it in the long run. It makes me proud to note that there are people amongst our generation who understand the same and are working hard to ensure that the beauty of our culture is never lost.

I tried on two beautiful and completely different styles of dresses from the brand (as you can see in the pictures below) and I cannot emphasise enough on how comfortable they were. While everyone around me seems to be dying in the oppressive heat of Delhi, I’ve been floating around comfortably in my cotton dresses. I can completely relate to the brand when they say that their clothes feel comfortable on the skin and look pretty when adorned.

What I love a lot is how the brand successfully attempts to take everyday clothing up a notch while keeping it extremely comfortable! I really cannot emphasise enough on the freshness of the styles. It’s definitely a refreshing change from the synthetic clothing catered by a lot of the other everyday brands in the market.  I felt there to be an underlying feel of personal touch in every piece of clothing from Gulaal Creations and if you too, like me, enjoy beautiful fusion wear, then do take a look at their designs.

This is how I styled my two outfits from Gulaal Creations

Look 1

Don’t you just love shirt dresses?

gulaal 4Gulaal 1 copy

Gulaal 3

gulaal 5

Gulaal 2 copy

Outfit –Block Print Shirt Dress

Earrings – Anhad, Dlf Place, Saket

Bracelet – Sarojini Nagar

Shoes – Ronnie Grey

Look 2

For the love of bright colours!

gulaal 6

gulaal 7

gulaal 8

gulaal 9

gulaal 10

Outfit – Gulaal Creations

Necklace and Earrings – Sarojini Nagar market

Shoes – Charles & Keith, India 

Hair – Natural’s Salon, Malviya Nagar

To know more about Gulaal Creations and to shop the collection, click here.