Hey! I’m Urvashi. Being a wanderer by nature, a nice cushy job in a financial firm just wasn’t enough for me so I decided to dabble my toes in something more fun – like becoming a fashion & beauty blogger. My earliest memories of myself are of me dressing up and playing with my mother’s make – up, colouring my face to extent that I would become completely unrecognisable! In a way, you can say that I’ve decided to follow my passion.

The name ‘The Right Shade of Red‘ comes from my belief that each one of us on this planet is unique and that we ourselves are the ones who define what is right for us. It is the value that we place in ourselves that the world sees as our worth. So always believe that you are worth more than you know and in case you don’t, then wear that invisible crown on your head already sister!

Anyway, hope you like what you read here. Keep me posted!

PS. – Do feel free to share your thoughts with me at therightshade.urvashi@gmail.com!