You know how they say you can literally pull of anything if you have healthy hair and good shoes? Well, it isn’t an exaggeration. Healthy hair really makes a difference to your appearance, as it’s a sign of good health. Don’t we all want thick, glossy hair? Well here are some simple ways to ensure that your mane shines like there is no tomorrow –

1.    Oil it!

A lot of us believe that oiling is something that needs to be left behind in the 20th century but I cannot stress enough the importance of conditioning your hair with oil. No conditioning treatment can possibly work as well as a mane conditioned with warm oil. Just heat a little bit of oil and apply it to your roots and strands after which, wrap it in a hot towel till the towel cools down. Leave your hair be for about an hour or two and then wash it off with a mild shampoo and conditioner.  I personally recommend virgin coconut oil as that has always worked best with me. But olive oil, mustard oil or even argan oil are some good options to try.

2.    Condition it regularly

As essential as it is to use a shampoo to wash your hair, it even more important to use a conditioner post a shampoo. Shampoo is basically a detergent that washes away the dirt and oil from your scalp while roughing up the cuticles of your hair. Conditioner is essential to smooth down those rough cuticles and to maintain the pH levels in your hair. Honestly, thee is no excuse to not use a conditioner post a wash. If your excuse is that your conditioner weighs down your hair or makes it greasy, then you’re clearly not using the right one! There are a variety of conditioners out there so go ahead and choose one made for your hair situation.

3.    Don’t brush your wet hair

Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet and the worst thing that you can do at such a moment is to brush it through. Technically if you’re using a conditioner, you’re not likely to come across difficult tangles. But if you do face any, the best option would be to use your fingers to detangle your hair or at the max, to use a wide toothcomb. Also, avoid rubbing your hair with a towel when you get out of the shower. Your best option would be to simply dab it to get rid of the excess water!

4.    Let it air dry as often as possible

We all love styling our hair and I’ve been guilty of it way too often. But the key to maintaining good quality hair for a lifetime is to ensure that you air-dry it as often as possible. Even in the winter. In fact, as long as you are air drying, using a mild shampoo and conditioning your hair after every wash, you can feel free to wash your hair even on a daily basis. Learn to find the beauty in your natural hair or at the max, just try to style it as naturally as possible without using heat.

 5.    Invest in a good serum

Considering the environment we live in today is as dirty as it gets and the pollutions levels in Delhi are at their peak (I really hope it doesn’t go higher than this), it’s essential to take extra care of your hair. A little serum goes a long way in ensuring the health of your hair. Make sure you use one that has added heat protection in case you want to style your hair after your wash. Also, I wouldn’t recommend silicon-based serums, as they tend to dry out your hair in the long run. I personally love Moroccan Oil and I love to coat my hair with a layer of it after a wash.

 6.    Eat healthy!

Internal health counts for more than anything when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. Eat your fats, proteins and vitamins regularly to ensure that your hair remains healthy. Include a significant portion of healthy nuts in your diet such as almonds and walnuts. Regularly consume eggs, avocado and add some omega 3 fatty acids to your diet as well. It might take a while to witness the results but I guarantee you that they will come through. Oh, and, quit smoking and avoid alcohol!